43. Newsletter of T.A. Archives January, 2018

Taiwanese American Archives (台美史料中心) January 2018 issue NO. 33



Happy New Year to All of You !!!

  • Our Journeys(我們走過的路):

We have been collecting, recording and displaying the roads which we have been traveling together in the last 7 decades with articles, artifacts, videos and paintings, etc., as shown on the T. A. Archives’ website :

We plan to create a set of video shows forOur Journeys, may be separated into different journeys as “graduate students”, medical professionals”,young students 小留學生” , immigrants, businesspersons”, etc… Please support us with your photos and the description of the photos related to this video project.

A text of our first video “ Journey as graduate students” is showing in the link below for your suggestions.


  • A Brief History of T. A. Organizations:

We are collecting the history of T. A. organizations. A table for recording names of presidents,  and important events by years as shown in the link below for your reference:


Please work with your current management team to prepare a similar table of your organization for T. A. Archives.

  • The Reach Out Projects by T. A. organizations and individuals:

It is important for us as Taiwanese Americans involving in the main stream society. Therefore,  we have been sponsoring many Reach-Out Projects. We typed those projects in a summary table as shown in the link below:


Please let us know if we miss any project and/or you have additional information for recording in this table.

  • Scholarship Projects by T. A. Organizations and Individuals:

We are collecting and recording the brief information of each scholarship project for students in the U.S. as shown in the link below:


Please let us know if you have more projects to be added or any corrections for this table.

  • 10 Most Important Events of T. A. Community in 2017:

The voting results by T.A. individuals are shown in the table below in the order of decreasing importance:

  1. The Petition by many Taiwanese American Organizations: Using “Taiwan” as part of the name of Taiwan Government offices in the U. S. “
  2. Ted Lieu of CA called upon U.S. Census Bureau to include “TAIWANESE” Check box on Census 2020 Form.
  3. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen visited Houston and San Francisco on Jan. 9 and Jan. 14, 2017.
  4. House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passed “Taiwan Travel ACT” on 10/12/2017
  5. UN for Taiwan (台灣加入聯合國大遊行) New York, NY on 09/16/2017
  6. Many of T.A. together placed an advertisement in the Liberty Times (自由時報)to support Dr. Kuo Group for Retaining their management of Formosa Television Inc. (民視)
  7. Taiwanese American has the highest education level among Asia Americans and Pacific Islands ( 台美族教育程度最高 ) report by Washington Center of Equitable Growth.
  8. A large number of T. A. organizations sponsored various activities, such as exhibitions, concerts, seminars, etc. in memory of 70th anniversary of “ 228 Incident” 2017
  9. 17-year-old Karen Chen (陳楷雯) of Fremont, CA, won gold at 2017 U.S. Figure Skating Championships
  10. Independent Day Parade in Washington D.C. 07/04/2017

For more information for each event, please click link below:


  • “Important Events” Collected in December 2017:

  1. The wildfires in S. CA in December 2017
  2. NATMA 2017 Annual meeting on the Harmony of the Seas on 4/23/17
  3. NATMA Delegates Taiwan Medical Progress Exchange Tour was successfully held from 11/05-12/2017
  4. S. Government passed the Tax Reform Bill 12/22/2017
  • “First/Famous” Collected in December 2017:

  1. Maan-Huei Huang 黃滿惠 / First Female T.A. Attorney Practice Law in California
  2. Kailin Gow 梁凱琳 / The Most Productive Author for Publishing Over 100 Books
  • “Pride of Taiwanese American” Collected in December 2017:

  1. Ming Liang Lee (李明亮教授)
  2. Tron-Rong Tsai (蔡同榮教授)
  3. Father of Scientific Oriental Medicine 「科學中藥之父」 / Dr. Hong-yen Hsu( 許鴻源 博士)

For further information, please click the link below:


  • “Winners of Prestigious Awards” Collected in December 2017:

  1. Business Person of the Year / Jensen Huang (黃仁勳) / by Fortune Magazine, Dec. 1/2017
  2. 國立中興大學第21(106)傑出校友 / Dr. Rex Yu (余忠村) / 2017
  3. Honorary Member by Audubon Artists Society / Jason Chang (張哲雄) / 2017
  4. Ten people who mattered in 2017(全球十大科學人物) / Prof. David R. Liu( 劉如謙) / by Nature Magazine 2017
  • “Videos” Collected in December 2017:

  1. Jen Shyu’s “NINE DOORS”
  2. Dr. Daniel Hsu, D.M.D( 許正雄醫師 ) in NATMA Southern California Chapter Annual Convention 2017 (北美洲台灣人醫師協會南加分會2017年會)
  3. 台美 TV 影音頻道
  4. 琴話寶島第二回 琴鍾寶島 10/26/2013
  5. 琴話寶島第三回 律動寶島 10/18/2014
  • Donations in December 2017:

  1. Articles, Newsletters, and Magazines by Taiwanese American individuals and organizations. Donated by Prof. S. K. Wu/CO.
  2. 100 Copies of Monthly Magazines (鄉訊) of San Diego Taiwanese Cultural Association. Donated by San Diego Taiwanese Cultural Association/ Mrs. Justina Wu/CA
  3. 40 articles written by Mr. C. Chuang. Donated by Mr. Cheng Chuang/TX
  • “Publications” Collected in December 2017:


Publications # on website

Titles of Publications




1143 老子哲學的真義 王文隆(Donated by Dr.  W. Wang) 08/2017


1144 《道德經》簡易白話解義 王文隆(Donated by Dr. W. Wang) 08/2017


1145 葉島蕾事件專刊 台灣民主運動支援會(Donated by Prof. S. Wu) 05/1981


1146 醫界溫馨與關懷 朱真一 賴其萬(Donated by Prof. S. Wu) -/-


1147 含淚的微笑 許達然 06/1978


1148 水邊 許達然 07/1984


1149 北美洲台灣人醫師協會總會年刊 2017 NATMA(Donated by Dr. C. Chen) 12/2017


1150 遠方 許達然 06/1978


1151 許達然 -/1979


1152 琴話寶島第二回 琴鍾寶島 ARTCH Foundation and Intel Corp.( Donated by Mr. J. Chiou) 10/2013


1153 琴話寶島第三回 律動寶島 ARTCH Foundation and Intel Corp.( Donated by Mr. J. Chiou) 10/2014


1154 關懷雜集 陳吳富美 (府城石舂臼人) ( Donated by Mrs. F. Chen) 10/2017


1155 台美混血兒奮戰記:從武術找到幸福 陳燕銀, 何瑞元, 何岸榮 04/2017


1156 我們流著不同的血液:台灣各族群身世之謎 林媽利 07/2010


1157 賭鬼的後代:魏廷朝回憶錄 張慶惠 09/2017

Please let us know if your non-professional publications or you know any publications by T. A. individuals have not been collected by T. A. Archives yet.(The collected publications are shown in “Publications” section of T. A. Archives’ website.

  • Progress in December 2017:

We collected 108 entries in December. The total entry is 7448:

Categories # posted in November # posted in December # posted up to 12/31/17
My Stories 12 5 614
Our journeys 6 3 329
Publications 2 15 1157
Culture/Artists/Exhibitions 1 0 89
Culture/Musicians/Concerts 5 1 540
Private Collections 0 6 54
First and Famous 10 2 354
Videos 2 5 91
Photo Albums 1 2 186
Who’s Who 32 29 1985
Projects (21 sub-titles) 16 29 911
Our Footsteps 0 0 21
Events / Milestones 4 4 147
Artifacts 7 0 57
Organizations 5 4 871
Newsletters 1 3 42
Total Entries 104 108 7448
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