1. North American Taiwanese Medical Association (NATMA) 北美洲台灣人醫師協會(總會)


North American Taiwanese Medical Association (NATMA)


Mission Statement

Taiwanese Medical and Dental Doctors of North America recognizing the benefits arising from mutual endeavors, declare our common objectives to:

1)  Secure a general condition conductive to the achievement of the profession as a healer of the sick and needy of all races.

2)  Promote international and inter cultural liaisons at the level of local, state or national medical or dental associations.

3)  Study and help abolish discriminatory and biased practices and laws aimed at the foreign medical and dental graduates wherever they may exist.

4)  Assist in further medical and dental education to its members.

5)  Establish liaison with medical and dental and other related scientific organizations in Taiwan.

A brief history of NATMA:

NATMA was founded in Year 1984 at the Eastern Michigan university in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It was a professional organization comprised of a group of Taiwanese immigrant physicians and dentists. NATMA encouraged interaction among its members and with the Taiwanese-American and local mainstream communities.

NATMA now consists of 16 regional chapters and over 1400 members across the United States. NATMA membership has grown to include 2nd-generation of Taiwanese immigrant families and US-born Taiwanese- Americans educated in America and work in various medical fields. During 2007 Annual Convention, members voted to officially change the bylaws to expand membership to include all health care professions.

北美洲台灣人醫師協會(NATMA) 是1984年創立於Michigan Ypsilanti 的 Eastern Michigan university 。它是由台裔美國人醫師 及牙醫師所組成的專業團體。NATMA的宗旨之一是增進會員與其他台美人社團以及主流社會的交流與互 動。NATMA現有十六個分會,一千四百位會員,分佈在全美各地。NATMA的成員近年來增加了不少台 美人第二代以及在美國出生背景的醫師及牙醫師。2007年的年會,會員大會同意接受醫師以外的醫護專 業人員加入會員的行列。

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NATMA 2016年會@Bellagio Las Vegas 10-22-2016