1296. The Evolution of Thin Film Magnetic Media and Its Contribution to the Recent Growth in Information Technology/Tu Chen/2013



Foreword xi

Preface xiii

Acknowledgements xxii

Chapter 1 1

How I Got Started

Chapter 2 12

My Career after obtaining my Ph.D. (1967-1971)

Chapter 3 20

Joining Xerox PARC

Chapter 4 38

Low Cost Disk Memory (LCDM) Project at PARC

Chapter 5 90

Leaving PARC and Founding Komag Inc.

Chapter 6 120

Getting Komag Started

Chapter 7 168

Manufacturing Ramp

Chapter 8 188

Komag Offshore Operations, Business Partners and Substrate Technology, Lubricant and Overcoat Improvements

Chapter 9 219

Foray into the Head Business: Dastek and Headway

Chapter 10 235

Competition with Oriented Media

Chapter 11 258

Seeds of Industry Chaos Starting in 1997 and Exit from Komag

Chapter 12 278

Perpendicular Media

Chapter 13 291

Final Thoughts

Note from Tom Yamashita 296

Timeline Photos 300

Timeline of Events for Komag Inc 351

Komag Annual Revenue and Net Incomes 358

List of References 359

List of Figures (sources) 371

Index 376


Author Resume

Tu Chen founded Komag, Inc. in 1983 with his friends Jim Shir and Scott Chen, and grew the company into a leading supplier of thin film media that are used in hard disk drives. For a period, Komag was the largest supplier of hard disk media in the industry, supplying companies such as Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, and IBM.

Tu Chen recounts his life leading up to the founding of Komag from his humble beginnings in Taiwan to his ground breaking research at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, which led to his decision to start Komag Inc.

The story of how Komag was founded, some of its early challenges with developing the technology and the business, are told in detail. The success and later struggle for survival are described in an honest and straightforward manner. The story is well worth reading as it follows the typical life cycle of many Silicon Valley start-up companies.


Donated by Tu Chen

Posted on 07/2019