235.The Spirit of Liberty (自由女神百幅連作)/陳錦芳/1986/04/Art/藝術

The Spirit of Liberty (自由女神百幅連作)

作者 陳錦芳

235_The Spirit of Liberty (自由女神百幅連作)“Admittedly the Neo-Iconography of Tsing-fan Chen is not without its enigma. It is complex, demanding and ultimately rewarding in a thousand subtle ways. They are a multiplicity of icons from different ages, different cultures, different original intents. To grasp the power, even partially, brings savory rewards. Both the emotional heart and the meditative mind are touched. Chen’s iconography unfolds. Images of West and East juxtapose and interact in a profound philosophical synthesis which is simultaneously beautiful and painfully disturbing. There is a visual language here, in a bursting of creation, which is not only richly sensuous but has something to say that humanity dares not ignore. ”

Excerpt from Neo-Iconography of  Tsing-fang Chen by L. Jeppson



235_The Spirit of Liberty (自由女神百幅連作)_作者陳錦芳★           Taiwanese-born American artist

★           Ph.D. in art history at la Sorbonne

★           7 years at I’Ecole des Beaux-Arts,Paris

★           pioneer and theorist of Neo-Iconography

★           13 one-man shows in Europe and Asia

★           40 one-man shows in U.S.A. (1978-1985)

★           works collected by a wide public and Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Smithsonian Institution, the White House, USA, etc.

★           works permanently displayed at Lucia Gallery (SoHo, NYC)


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