SETAA 2017

總召集人 李豐隆

2017 SETAA Summer Conference Welcome you

IN 2016, Mr. Shiau (蕭俊吉) worked so hard to have our summer conference, we deeply appreciate.

We ask you to call on all Taiwanese, Taiwanese American in this great land to come together to contribute every one’s ability to preserve Taiwan freedom, democracy, human rights. We think this is very critical time to determine Taiwan sovereignty. Therefore this conference is very important.

Now I like to introduction SETAA 2017 Summer Conference:


Tony Lin, chair, 813-317-9804. (TP)  Andy Chu, Vice C. 404-697-3394, (At),

Fuan Yang,   864-574-6829, (SC).         Hsin-Mu Lin, 919-961-8512, (NC)

Cindy Chang, 270-320-4645, (ET).          Bonnie Yah, 615-352-8284, (Nashville)

Jimmy Wang, 407-332-8515,(Orlando). Prof. Dan Lo, 710-315-9972, (Atl-TAA)

Charles Chen,  256-350-1906,  (Huntsville)

Diana Huang, 813-833-4246.(TP).           David Wu, 704-807-8143.(Charlotte).

  1. Lin, 617-861-6100 (Miami), Henry Lee, 865-621-0211,(ET), Organizer


Leslie Hsiao, .    Wen Shu Yeh,,

Shu-Chuan Chou, scklaichou@yahoo.con,       Aki Tu,,

Jiann Kuan Luo, & Sophia Luo,,

Eric Lee,,          San Fu Lee,,

I would like to say how much I appreciate the board members and advisors giving me so much encourage, to give me endless energy.

Several things important for this conference: 1. Young and old Taiwanese must cooperate in this event for better Taiwan future. 2. Speak out your idea for better conference, better Taiwan; we have good speakers, friends next to us to solve your question. 3. How we can do better job in rental car reimbursement program in fifth years. 4. How we appreciate people work hard for SETAA ? We should Respect our older Taiwanese and How to encourage young people to help Taiwan, so we can help others. It is just like old time wisdom shining through whole new Taiwan era.

!  !  !  Welcome you on board  !  !  !