A dedicated company with over 40 years of product excellence and superior customer service



Our company name is based on the first three letters of Taiwan and Kansas.

Founded in 1972 by Mr. Ching Ih Wang in an apartment complex in Lawrence, Kansas, Taikan began as a small family owned business providing customized passive products during the pioneering days of the CATV industry.

Since our beginning, Taikan has continually strived to deliver quality competitive products and outstanding customer service to our present and future customers in a timely manner.


Today as our industry continues to rapidly evolve, we have leveraged our past history and experience to develop and provide the necessary product lines for our industry’s product needs and solutions.

With immediate access to manufacturing and research facilities in Asia, we can provide faster product development time and quicker production to market delivery. Though we have grown dramatically, our commitment to our present and future customers has not changed. We will continue to provide greater flexibility and breadth of options for our customers’ needs and requirements.

Together we can make it happen


Posted in 06/2018