189. Prof. Tian-Min Lin 林天民教授

English Name Prof. Tian-Min Lin  

Hanji Name 林天民教授
Birth Year 1935
Birth Place Kaohsiung, Taiwan(台灣高雄)
First year / First city / state in U.S. 1961/New Haven/CT
Address CA
Family 1.Wife: Hsueh-Man
2.Daughter: May&Tina
3.Son: Stephen
Education School Name Year –Year Degree and major
1.National Taiwan Univ. 1959 B.A., Philosophy
2. Yale Univ. 1964 M. Div., Theology
3. Yale Univ. 1965 S.T.M., Theology
4. Boston Univ. 1969 Ph.D., Systematic Theology
Employment Company Name Year –Year Position or title
1. Tougaloo College 1969-1972 Assistant Prof. of Religion
2. Indiana Univ. of PA 1972-2002 Prof. of Religious Studies
3. Aletheia Univ.(真理大學) 2003-2005 Visiting Prof. of Religion
4. Taiwan Theological College  (台灣神學院) 2004 Visiting Prof. of World Religion
Accomplishment 1. Outstanding Professor, Indiana Univ. of PA, 1975


1. Reading in the World’s Living Religions 1974

2. The Life and Thought of Soren Kierkegaard 1975

3. Introduction to Religion 1988

4. 基督教與現代世界 1988/01

5. 宗教與現代人生 2004/05