1914. Dr. Min-Hsiung Ko 柯敏雄醫師

English Name Dr. Min-Hsiung Ko  

Hanji Name 柯敏雄醫師
Birth Year 1940
Birth Place Taichung, Taiwan
First year / First city / State in U.S. 1970/Chicago/IL
Address PA
Family 1. Wife: —
2. Daughter: Gloria (佩利)
3. Son: 傑議,傑仁
Education School Name


Degree and major
1. Taipei Medical Univ.


Employment Company Name


Position or title
1. St. Mary’s Medical Center (費城聖瑪麗醫院)

Pathologist; Deputy Director of Emergency Dept.
2. Drexel Univ. (碩爵大學)

Visiting Assistant Professor
3. Thomas Jefferson Univ.

Visiting Assistant Professor
4. Philadelphia area


Family Physician
Accomplishment 1. President of Philadelphia Branch of Taipei Medical University Alumni Association

2. President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Taiwanese Medical Association of North America

3. Buck County Community Service Award

4. American Cancer Prevention Association Project Award (Taiwan community breast cancer, colorectal cancer and liver cancer prevention awareness)

5. President Award of the Model Branch of the Taiwanese Medical Association of North America

6. Physician Recognition Award from the American Medical Association (AMA)

7. The Blue Cross Blue Shield “Certificate of Excellence” award

Hobby Swimming