485. Lekki Chua 蔡烈輝

English Name Lekki Chua  

Hanji Name 蔡烈輝
Birth Year 1936
Birth Place Kaohsiung, Taiwan
First year / First city / State in U.S. -/Des Plaines/Illinois
Address IL
Family 1. Wife: Mei Tsao Lin (林美棗)
2. Daughter: —
3. Son: Wuyi Chua (蔡吾一)
Education School Name Year – Year Degree and major
1. Tokyo Chiyoda Photo College(日本東京千代田寫真專門學院) 1970 B.A. Commercial Photography
Employment Company Name Year – Year Position or title
1. Studio Misa 1970-1999 Manager and Photographer
Accomplishment 1. Renowned Photographer: the Photographer for Special Photographic Collections of Greatest Golfer Jack Nicklaus

2. Founder of Studio Lekki (1988) and Studio Misa (1991-1999) in Chicago

3. Renowned Artist Having 2 Solo Art Shows in New York and One in Chicago 2018

4. Co-Founder of Hu-Tu Art Association (糊塗畫會) in Chicago

5. Published 2 Hanji Books and An Avid Writer for Various Subjects

6. Outstanding Taiwanese American Elected by T.A. Archives in 02/2019

Publication(Non-professional) 1. 欣賞蔡烈輝的文采/蔡烈輝 2012


Hobby Photography, painting, writing, travel, gardening