8. Fu-Kuen Lin 林福坤

Dr. Fu-Kuen Lin joined Amgen in 1981 as a research scientist working on erythropoietin project. Erythropoietin is the principal hormone regulating the red cell production. Amgen’s recombinant human erythropoietin was approved by FDA in June 1989 as Epoetin alfa and marketed under the brand names Epogen and Procrit in US. It has been approved by various regulatory agencies around the world shortly after. It has treated millions of anemic persons associated with chronic renal failure or chemotherapy worldwide. It has helped millions of anemic patients to rid of anemia and having a normal energy and life. It also eliminates the potential risks associated with traditional blood transfusion. He retired from Amgen as Director of Department of Biomedical Science in 1998 and serves as a consultant for Amgen since.

He is the inventor of seven US patents covering “DNA Sequences Encoding Erythropoietin” and “Production of Erythropoietin”. Among other honors, he is a co-recipient of 1990 “Quality of Life” Award,  1995 “Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America’s Discoverers Award”, 2005 George B. Rathmann Award and 2011 The University of Illinois Alumni Achievement Award.


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