Our Journeys

1. Our Journeys in the U. S. as Graduate Students (留學生的移民史)

2. Video Narrative of Taiwanese American History for Young and Future Generations

  1. Who We Are as The First Generation of T. A. from 1950’s:
  • graduate students
  • medical professionals: doctors and nurses
  • young people from Taiwan and enrolled in elementary and middle schools
  • legal and illegal immigrants
  • business persons
  • special skill professionals, such as chefs for oriental restaurants
  • others, spouses of American soldiers and oversea employees, political refugees, etc..
  1. 2, The First Stage of Livelihood for First generation:
  • as graduate students in campus
  • as medical professionals in hospitals.
  • young students in elementary and middle schools
  • hard working people in private businesses
  1. Becoming Americans :
  • engineers, scientists, medical professionals, teaching professionals and office workers in various private and public organizations.
  • small business man or woman for his or her own business
  • Low end jobs for some immigrants
  • housewives
  1. Some Activities for First Generation:
  • care for the political situations of mother land( Taiwan)
  • social gatherings locally and summer conferences sponsored by T. A. organizations
  1. Major T. A. organizations:
  • Local TAA in the U. S. ( about 100 organizations)
  • NATWA and local chapters
  • NATPA and local chapters
  • NATMA and local chapters
  • TACL and local chapters
  • ITASA in a number of universities and colleges in the U. S for young generations born in the U. S..
  1. Some samples of Outstanding Taiwanese Americans :
  • contribution to T. A. Community
  • contribution to Main Stream Society
  • contribution to Professional Fields
  1. Second Plus Generations:
  • second , third and forth generations
  • Successful life professionally and socially in main stream society
  1. Retirement of First Generation:
  • active in senior associations
  • care for off-springs
  • retire financially comfortable
  1. Status of T. A. Community:
  • an outstanding ethnic minority in the U. S. immigration history
  • 5 generations, over one million people and 7 decades
  • Need to work on our own complete history of past 7 decades in order to present to main stream society urgently

3. Our Journeys in the U. S. as Medical Professionals (醫師的移民史)
4. Our Journeys in the U. S. as High School Students
5. Our Journeys in the U. S. as immigrants
6. Our Journeys in the U. S. via Business Investments