Series Book of Taiwanese American History (台美族歷史叢書)

#1、The Taiwanese Americans (台美族)

5. Second Plus Generations
6. Religion Activities
8. Taiwanese Languages
9. Senior Activities and Retirement
12. Political and Social Activities Related with U.S. & Taiwan
13. Business Activities

#2、Our Journeys (咱的故事)

#2、Our Journeys – English

1. Brief History of T. A. Organizations
2. Activities of T. A. Organizations
3. Care for Taiwanese American
4. Care for Taiwan and Taiwanese

#3、My Stories (我的故事)

1. Autobiography
2. Biography
3. Life Stories

#4、Taiwanese Americans Organizations (台美人的團體)

1. Summary Table by Category of Organization
2. Brief History of Organization

#5、Publications of Books, Magazines & Newsletters (in Paper Form) by Taiwanese American Individuals & Organizations (台美個人及團體出版書籍、雜誌及通訊)

1. Summary Table of Collected Books by Last Name of the Author & Category
2. Summary Table of Collected Magazines by Organizations & Category
3. Front Covers of Collected Book
4. Front Covers of Collected Magazine
5. Front Covers of Collected Newsletters (in Paper Form)

#6、Outstanding Taiwanese Americans (傑出台美人)

1. The Portraits and the Important Events of Outstanding Taiwanese  American by Oil Paintings
2. Summary Table of First generation O.T.A.
3. Summary Table of Young generations O.T.A.
4. Presentations of First generation O.T.A.
5. Presentations of Young generations O.T.A.

#7、Summer Conferences by Taiwanese American Organizations – East Coast (美東岸夏令會)

1. Summary Table of Conference
2. Brief History
3. Contents for Each Conference (1970 to 2019)

#8、Summer Conferences by Taiwanese American Organizations – South East and South (美東南區及美南區的夏令會)

1. Summary Table of Conference
2. Brief History
3. Contents for Each Conference

#9、Summer Conferences and Camps by Taiwanese American Organizations – Midwest, West Coast and Others (美中西部、美西岸及其他的夏令會)

1. Summary Table of Conference
2. Brief History
3. Contents for Each Conference

#10、Music Organizations,Musicians and Concerts (台美人音樂團體、音樂家及演奏會)

1. Musical Organizations
    Summary Table
    Brief History of Each Organization
2. Musicians
     Summary Table
     Resumes of Musicians
3. Music Concerts
    Summary Table
    Articles about the concerts

#11、Our Footsteps, Artists and Art Shows (咱的足跡、藝術家及藝術展覽)

1. Our Footsteps
2. Resume and Paintings of Artists
3. Art Shows

#12、Outreach Projects by Taiwanese American Organizations and Individuals (台美人團體、個人跟主流社會的互動)

1. Scholarship Projects
2. Festivals and Parades
3. Taiwanese American Heritage Week
4. Miscellaneous Projects and Activities

#13, Photo Albums of Taiwanese American History (台美人的歷史相簿 )

1. Taiwanese Americans in Early Period (1950’s to 1970’s)
2. Taiwanese American in Middle Age
3. Taiwanese American in Senior Years
4. Artifacts
5. Activities of Taiwanese American Organizations
6. Activities of Taiwanese American Individuals

#14, Videos of Taiwanese American History (台美人的歷史錄影集 )

1. Taiwanese Americans Organizations
2. Taiwanese American Individuals
3. Summer Tables of Videos Prepared by Taiwanese American Organizations and Individuals

#15, Milestones and Important Events of T. A. History (台美歷史的里程碑及重要事件 )

1. Milestones
2. Important Events

#16 , First and Famous in Taiwanese American History (台美歷史的第一及聞名)

1. First President of Taiwanese American Organizations
2. First Events (Activities) of Taiwanese American Organizations
3. First Issue of The publications by T. A. Organizations
4. Famous Events in Taiwanese American Community

#17, Who’s Who of Taiwanese Americans (台美人名錄 )

1. Summary Tables
2. Collected Bio forms of Taiwanese Americans

#18, Political Activities Related to the U. S. A. (台美人美國政治參與 )

1. Profiles of T. A. involved in Politics, Public Services, and Law

2. Political Activities:

    1. U. S. Census Project: 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010 & 2020
    2. Obtained 20,000 immigrant quota for Taiwan only
    3. Changing the Birth Place on U. S. Passport for T. A. to say “Taiwan” instead of “China”
    4. Fund-Raising Activities and Campaign for U. S. Presidential Elections
    5. Fund-Raising Activities and Campaign for U. S. Local, State, and Federal Elections
    6. Candidate Nights Sponsored by Local T. A. Organizations for Presidential, State, and Municipal Elections

#19, Political Activities Related to Taiwan (台美人台灣政治參與 )

1. Political Events
2. Political Activities
3. Organizations and Individuals Involved in Politics and Public Services in Taiwan

#20, History Books of Important T. A. Organizations (台美重要團體的歷史)

1. 50 Years Plus Organizations
2. Important Taiwanese American Organizations

#21,  History Books of T. A. Communities in Great Metropolitan Areas (台美社區的歷史 )

#22,  Autobiographies of T. A. in English and Hanji Versions ( 有英漢文版的台美人自傳)

1. “On The Banks of Hudson River; My American Journey”   by Mr. Chunchin Chen
3. A Commoner’s Story by Dr. Mu-Sheng Wu
4. 鴨勇的腳印 by 吳木盛
6. 奔流的樹葉 by 杜祖健