47. Newsletter of T.A. Archives May, 2018

                             NEWSLETTER           May 201 issue # 37

  • Project of Outstanding Taiwanese Americans:

We would like to have your support in recommending outstanding Taiwanese Americans to us.

Followings are three major criteria for being considered as an outstanding T. A.:

  1. Make significant services and contributions to T. A. Community
  2. Make significant services and contributions to main stream society
  3. Establish good reputation in professional fields

You can nominate yourself for our consideration too.  After being accepted by the Selection Committee of T. A. Archives, we will post it on our website and display a poster in the Outstanding T. A. Room.

  • Google Taiwanese American History from T. A. Archives:

We are also collecting and putting together the information of following subjects related to T. A. History in the past 7 decades:

  1. Out-Reach Projects to Main Stream Society (主流社會的公益活動)
  2. Supporters’ Groups and Fundraising Parties to Politicians in the U. S. and in Taiwan ( 競選後援會和募款集會).
  3. Fundraising Parties for Natural Disasters Happened Worldwide (為世界各地天災的募款)
  4. Power Walking and Running for Advocating Specific Purposes (為推廣特定目的而舉辦的健走或跑步活動)
  5. Street Demonstrations and Marches Against Specific Organizations and Individuals (對特定團體或個人的街頭示威及遊行)

If you have information, flyers, banners and artifacts related to the above subjects, please give or donate to T. A. Archives.

With your support, we hope that anyone Google information about T. A. history, it will be found in the T. A. Archives’ website.

  • Rooms for Displaying following Publications and Artifacts:

  1. Photos, Videos, DVDs and Tapes of T. A. organizations and individuals
  2. Publications, such as annual journals, newsletters, flyers etc… by Taiwanese American Association (台灣同鄉會)
  3. Publications and Artifacts of Summer Conferences, Sponsored by T. A. organizations (夏令會)
  4. T-shirts, Shirts, Hats, Bags and Banners, etc… issued by T. A. organizations
  5. Publications and Artifacts used in International or Folk Festivals or Marches by T. A. organizations

We need your support to fill up these rooms ASAP. We can email you FedEx shipping labels for shipping your packages to us.  

When you are organizing your collections or moving to a new location, your items could be the treasurers to T. A. history. Please let us know whatever you have before throwing them away.

  • Book for “ My Stories”:

Please support us with the life-time stories or biographies of your family members, yourself and your T. A. friends for this book project. We are now in the preparation stage of this book.

  • Book for “ Our Journeys”:

We had added more articles to the draft copy posted on the website during last month. We are planning to complete the preparation of this book soon.

  • Video Show of Taiwanese American History:

We would like to prepare a video showing the history of T. A. in the past 7 decades. Hope you can help. This is a more effective way to let our young generations know about our ethnic group and history.

  • Donations Received in April:

  1. 6 cartons of books, magazines, photos , videos and tapes collected by Dr. T. F. Chen (陳錦芳博士), donated by Mrs. L. Chen/NY
  2. Shirt and Hats, donated by Mrs. J. Cheng/CA
  3. A photo album of  The 3rd Plains Taiwanese Fall Conference 08/1987, donated by Prof. S. Wu/Colorado (第三屆平原區台灣人秋令會相簿)
  4. Photo albums of TAA/NJ, TACL/NJ Chapter and WATA, donated by Mrs. J Cheng/CA (紐澤西台灣同鄉會、台美公民協會紐澤西分會、溫莎區台美協會的相簿)

  • “Videos” Collected in April 2018:

  1. T.F. Chen’s Family in Art (陳錦芳全家投入藝術)
  2. 手語舞蹈歌舞劇阿母的心內話 by Christine‘s創意表演藝術工作室
  3. NATWA 30TH ANNIVERSARY (北美洲台灣婦女會30年慶)
  • “Publications” Collected in April 2018:

No. Publications # on website Titles of Publications Authors/Donors Published
1 1209 Program Book of Taiwanese-American Conference Taiwanese-American Conference 01/2005
2 1210 大華府台美人長樂會慶祝創會十週年會刊 大華府台美人長樂會(Donated by Mrs. J. Yu) 12/2017
3 1211 NY Taiwanese Golf Club 2017 33rd Anniversary Edition NY Taiwanese Golf Club(Donated by Mr. P. Chen) 12/2017
4 1212 台海「偉」機:人類文明進化的挑戰與質變 陳錦芳(Donated by Mrs. L. Chen) 03/2004
5 1213 台北巴黎: 巴黎三劍客作品展 台北市立美術館(Donated by Mrs. L. Chen) 12/1998
6 1214 Toward An Age of Love 陳錦芳(Donated by Mrs. L. Chen) -/2003
7 1215 荒漠樂音善友樂團風華/PDF file 黃東昇、林素純、陳天令(Donated by Dr. Ed. Huang) 04/2018
8 1216 30th North America Taiwanese Women’s Association Annual Convention 30屆北美洲台灣婦女會年會手冊 NATWA(Donated by Mrs. F. Chen) 04/2018
9 1217 閱失近史隨筆 曹恆平(Donated by Prof. Tsao) 01/2017

Please contact us if your non-professional publications or you know any non-professional publications by T. A. organizations and individuals that have not been collected by the T. A. Archives yet. All collected publications so far are listed in the “Publications” section of T. A. Archives’ website.

  • Progress in April 2018:

We collected 70 new entries in April. The total entry is 7774.

We also collected many additional new information to each existing subjects in the website.

  • Contact Us for Job Opening ( Part-time and Full time)

Email: taarchivescenter@gmail.com    Tele. #: (949) 294-6041

T.A. Archives (台美史料中心), Irvine, CA 92606

Website : www.taiwaneseamericanhistory.org