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Taiwan Night Concert 2017

by Taiwan Culture Center of Greater Washington D.C



We would like to welcome you to the annual concert – Taiwan Night 2017 Concert and the 2017 Taiwanese American Community Scholarship Award Ceremony. The Taiwan Culture Center of the Greater Washington, D.C. area (TCC, officially Taiwan Culture Center, Inc.) is a non-profit organization that promotes international cultural exchange along with educational and charitable affairs involving Taiwanese Americans and the surrounding community.

TCC has sponsored the Taiwanese American Community Scholarship Award (TACSA) every year to provide encouragement and inspiration for young Americans that excel in leadership, community services as well as academics for more than 10 years. More than 150 high school seniors has won the award over the years. TACSA is open to all high school senior students from all ethnic groups.

Currently, the Center, located at 7509 Needwood Road, Derwocxi, MD 20855, is open from 10am to 3pm on weekdays and other times/dates upon special request. All Taiwanese American or groups are welcome to use the facility during these hours. Aside from seminars, annual meeting, open house and concert, the Center provides free medical consultations by certified health professionals periodically.

Expanding the current “Taiwan Culture Center” facility is the immediate goal of many Taiwanese Americans in the area. Being at the capital of the United States and the political center of the world, it is an ideal location to effectively promote Taiwanese culture in the United States as well as around the world. Furthermore, the center helps in enhancing the international status of Taiwan. It is equally important that TCC becomes a facility where Taiwanese Americans of the area can conduct meetings, social gatherings, and educational/charitable activities.

The TCC needs your participation and financial support greatly. Your contribution is wholeheartedly appreciated and is tax deductible to the maximum allowed by the law. If you would like more information about the TCC, please contact the TCC office (301-330-2877, TaiwanCultureCenter@yahoo.com) or Chairman Tai L. Huang (301-983-1861).

Taiwan Culture Center Board of Directors


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