13. Pin-Huey Wang 王品惠, Pianist/2014/10

Pin-Huey Wang 王品惠 , Pianist

Pianist Pin-Huey Wang received her Doctor of Musical Arts degree in the collaborative piano program at University of Maryland, College Park, in 2008. Ms. Wang is an active collaborative pianist with a wide range of vocal and chamber repertoire. She was the pianist for Kaohsiung Opera Workshop, for Maryland Opera Studio from 2000 to 2003, and for University of Maryland Chorus and Chamber Singers from 2003 to 2005. Among her recent performances were a concert with soprano Carmen Balthrop at the National Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan; a concert with baritone Yi-Cherng Lin at Taiwanese Culture Center in San Diego; a concert with Finish soprano Riikka Hakola at the Embassy of Finland in Washington, D.C.; and a concert with Washington Sängerbund at the Embassy of Austria, also in Washington, D.C. In addition to performing, Dr. Wang is an active and experienced piano teacher. She has held a private piano studio since 1993. She is currently an adjunct piano faculty member at Montgomery College, Maryland. She is a member of American College of Musicians and the Music Teachers National Association.

王品惠, 馬里蘭大學音樂博士, 主修鋼琴伴奏。1994年畢業於台灣國立中山大學音樂系, 由於對鋼琴伴奏及室內樂的熱愛, 於1998年赴美馬里蘭大學修習碩士學位, 主修鋼琴伴奏。於2000年完成碩士學位後, 繼續攻讀鋼琴伴奏博士。在美期間, 是位非常活躍的伴奏家;其中於1998至2003年擔任馬里蘭歌劇工作坊專任伴奏; 2003至2005年為馬里蘭大學合唱團常任伴奏。 並曾與多位知名歌唱家聯袂登台; 其中包括與美國黑人女高音Carmen Balthrop 合作演出於台北國家音樂廳, 及與芬蘭國寶級女高音Riikka Hakola 合作演出於華府芬蘭大使館。目前任教於馬里蘭州Montgomery社區大學, 除了鋼琴教學及演出外, 並與夫婿林宜誠致力於海外台灣本土文化及歌謠的推廣與介紹。