405. Eric (Teng-Kuan) Huang 黃騰寬, Pianist /06/2017

Eric (Teng-Kuan) Huang 黃騰寬, Pianist

Eric (Teng-Kuan) Huang 黃騰寬started to play on the piano all the nursery songs that he could sing at the age of three without any music lesson. He started piano lessons when he was four years old and has studied with Ms. Hsin-Yi Chen, Director of Neo-Classic Chamber Ensemble, and Dr. Pin-Huey Wang.  At the age of 11, Eric started to serve as the pianist at church Sunday worship, and at 8th grade, he was elected to accompany the school choir to perform at the music festival. With his talent in musicality and his sensitivity to the change of tones of varying venues, Eric has been favored by many musicians, singers, and choir directors. He has performed with the renowned Lyric Soprano, Dr. Lucy Chen, Coloratura Soprano, Emma Chiu, and Mezzo Soprano, Lingling Ho. Currently, Eric is the piano accompanist of the Greater Washington Taiwanese-American Chorus (GWTAC), Lingling Vocal Studio, and Lingling Choir Class.

Source from Taiwan Night Concert 2017 / Taiwan Culture Center of Greater Washington D.C, 05/2017

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