14. Student life (學生生活) by Artist Susan Hsiu-fang Liu (陳秀芳) / 2014


Student life 學生生活

by 陳秀芳 Susan Hsiu-fang Liu, oil on canvas 36” x 48″

This painting depicts the Taiwanese graduate student life in the 1970’s. – An informal and carefree atmosphere was my impression when arrived to the campus. – “Hard-working” was the theme of our student life. Taking classes, working late in the laboratory, reading piles of books, writing reports/theses, taking oral defense and receiving the diploma are used to represent this part of life on campus. Babysitting and waiter/waitress are used to represent off-campus part-time jobs which help pay the living expenses and tuitions. – Cooking and doing laundry represents some chores of student life. For many, these were their new life experiences they did not do when in Taiwan. – Mailing letters was the main channel to connect with relatives and friends, and to send money to pay for debts or support families in Taiwan. Phone calls were very expense and needed a lot of prior arrangements. I used to pick up the phone, cry for three minute and hang up. – Getting together with fellow Taiwanese was the main activity on the weekends.