9. Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA) 台美大學生跨校際協會

台美大學生跨校際協會 Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA)

Mission Statement

The Intercollegiate Taiwanese-American Student Association is a network of college students who come together based on a common Taiwanese North American heritage to provide a support group, to facilitate the defining of an individual,s Taiwanese American identity, and to afford an opportunity to address actively the issues and concerns of Taiwan and Taiwanese North Americans today.

The Founding of ITASA

In 1992, under the leadership of Tim Chuang, Rolla Chuang, Ula Hwang, and Cindy Yeh, these students met at the University of Pennsylvania to formalize the organization’s structure. They christened this new organization ITASA, the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association.

The Goals of the Organization

1. To help define Taiwanese American identity in American society.

2. To expose aspiring and intelligent Taiwanese Americans to various occupational and professional opportunities.

3. To educate Taiwanese American students on the history, culture, and society of Taiwan and Taiwanese America.

4. To encourage Taiwanese American involvement in American politics.

5. To establish and enrich a network of Taiwanese American camaraderie.

ITASA seeks to achieve these goals through a myriad of venues, including fellowships, newsletters, virtual resource libraries, and email discussions. However, its principal mediums are the annual ITASA conferences, geographically centered on the East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest.