55. Tina Shao 邵婷雯, Pianist/2014/10

Tina Shao 邵婷雯, Pianist

Tina Shao 邵婷雯Dr. Tina Shao is a member of the Pi Kappa Lambda National Honor Society and the American Music Teachers Na¬tional Association. Dr. Shao is appointed as an Associate Professor of Music at the Tainan University of Technol-ogy where she teaches piano performances, literatures, and history of Taiwanese music. A native of Taiwan, Dr. Shao holds a Bachelor and Master of Music in performance from the Peabody Conservatory of Music of the Johns Hopkins University, as well as a Doctor of Musical Arts from the Louisiana State University, U. S. A.

Dr. Shao is the recipient of various honors and the winner of numerous competitions. Among these are the Louisiana State University Concerto Competition, the Arkansas State Piano Competition, the Monroe Symphony Orchestra Young Artist Competition, the National Teachers National Association Wurlitzer Collegiate Artist Contest, and a full scholarship from Evergreen Foundation to study piano performance at the Peabody Conservatory of Mu¬sic. Houston City Council gave her a certificate of recognition for outstanding contributions in the music field.

As a writer, Dr. Shao has released books such as Franz Liszt’s Transcription of Johann Sebastian Bach,s Prelude and Fugue in A Minor (BWV 543),Thumb Technique, and Painting in Music, published by the Tainan University of Technology Press.

In addition to piano solo performances, Dr. Shao is devoted to playing piano 一 duo music with her pianist husband, Dr. Nam Yeung. Together they released two CD compilations titled ‘From Mozart To Gershwin’ and ‘A Musical Harvest Festival,on the Joy Art Label and Glorious Pantheons respectively. Her soundtrack was included in movie “Waterwheel – The Story of Randy Chang” released by Mimosa Ministry. Her events can be appreciated throughout musical centers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Russia, Canada and across the United States.Dr. Shao has received Certificate Recognition for outstanding contributions in the music field issued by Houston City Council.

鋼琴家邵婷雯博士 (Dr. Tina Shao)曾獲中油公豉音樂獎學金,甄試考取財團法人張榮發基金會全額音樂獎學 金,赴美約翰.霍普金斯大學琵琶蒂音樂學院及路易斯安那州立大學深造,先後取得音樂學士、碩士及博士學位並 獲美國國家音樂榮譽學會比卡巴藍達獎(Pi Kappa Lambda)。在美期間曾獲全美音樂教師協會路易斯安那州鋼琴大賽 第二名;阿肯色州立鋼琴比賽學院組第三名優勝;路易斯安那州立大學協奏曲比賽冠軍及鋼琴伴奏獎項;Monroe交 響樂團青年藝術家大賽演奏優勝獎。

現任台南科技大學音樂系暨研究所專任副教授。除了獨奏者身份,邵博士也是「蘭亭鋼琴二重奏」(Yeung-Shao Pia¬no Duo, 1988-) 成員, 足跡觸及台灣、美國、俄國、香港、中國大陸、南韓、馬來西亞及加拿大等地音樂廳。


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