22. Prof. Chawnshang Chang 張傳祥教授

  1. Since 1988, has trained more than 200 PhD or MD/PhD in the Male Hormones/Androgen Receptor-related diseases field, and more than 70 of his students are professors and 20 are chairmen/directors in various University.
  2. The Ayerst Award for Outstanding Young Endocrinologist from the Endocrine Society , 1988
  3. Andrew Melon Award for Outstanding Young Faculty in USA from Andrew Melon Foundation, 1989
  4. Outstanding Young Investigator Award from Cancer Research Foundation, 1990
  5. CapCure Award (6 times) for Excellence in Prostate Cancer Research. 1991-1997
  6. Blowity-Ridgeway Award in Andrology from Blowity-Ridgeway Foundation, 1995-1997
  7. Award with Honorary Fellow from The Japan Society of Andrology (The 2nd Non-Japanese ever awarded such honor), 1996
  8. Scholar of the Year, The honor from The Taiwanese Osteoporosis Association for Outstanding Contribution in Sex hormones and Osteoporosis., 1998
  9. Davey Memorial Award for Outstanding Cancer Research, University of Rochester, 1999
  10. President Award for Outstanding Andrology Research, The honor from The Taiwanese Andrology Association for the studies of Androgens and Androgen Receptor, 2000-01.
  11. The Milheim Award for Excellence in Cancer Research from Milheim Foundation, 2003

Dr. Chang is Director of the George H. Whipple Laboratory for Cancer Research (University of Rochester Medical Center).

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