1163. Carefree Namitaro / 林博逸 /06/2017/Art/藝術

Carefree Namitaro

作者 林博逸

Pursuing my Dream

Paul Bo Yi Lin






I first started painting while I was in Taiwan during the summer of 2010. I made some drawings with chalk and did a little painting with watercolors. Some of my first paintings were of my favorite things or ideas. I remember making a black and white picture of a tree. I drew the tree by tracing the outline of my hand around my fingers and wrist. My fingers formed the branches, my wrist the trunk of the tree. The natural world is magical. I want to express how my imagination sees the beauty in nature.

I found that through writing and painting I could describe and show pictures I have in my mind. Before I started oil painting, I wrote and illustrated many picture books. I wrote many stories about things like fruit people, and matched each page of the story with pictures. At the beginning, some illustrations were very simple drawings, but as I made more books, they became more and more detailed and colorful.

I work hard to constantly improve my writing and painting because it will ensure my good future. I want to become more skillful which makes me feel more confident. I also like to paint and write because it shows what I am capable of doing. I want people to be able to see my books and paintings to understand how I have grown and how I never gave up trying to improve. I continued to pursue my dreams.

The purpose of this book is to catalog my paintings. I also wanted to write about what I was thinking when I made certain pictures. This book will be a record of my paintings and thoughts that I or anyone else can look at in the future.

Published in 06/2017

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