15. Taiwanese American CPA Association, TACPA 台美會計師協會



The TACPA was established in 1992 in the city of Los Angeles, USA. It was founded by Mr. Charles Chiang, CPA, and a group of Taiwanese American CPAs. The TACPA is a professional organization that encourages CPAs to share their professional tax knowledge and provide cross-state tax services to their mutual clients. In addition to our ongoing online tax discussions, the TACPA also holds at least one tax forum annually. The TACPA also holds less frequent interactive tax forums in Taiwan with the Taiwan CPA Association and Taiwan Government. We offer constructive suggestions for Taiwan’s tax systems during these forums.

In 2011, the Taiwanese Canadian CPAs also joined the TACPA and expanded our membership to cover North America. Our members can now have a better understanding of cross border tax issues between the USA and Canada.

The TACPA currently has about 60 active members in different states and provinces.


  1. To provide with and encourage members to share the resources, information and leadership that enable them to provide valuable services to benefit the public, employers and clients.
  2. To strengthen the public’s understanding and trust in TACPAS members, increase the value of member’s services, and contribute to the success of our members.