9. Taiwanese American Foundation 台美協進會

Taiwanese American Foundation


To foster personal growth and develop servant leaders in the Taiwanese American community for the benefit of society.


For people of Taiwanese heritage to make a profound impact on mankind in unique and compassionate ways.



Originally founded as the Midwest Formosan Christian Fellowship (MFCF) in 1966 by Bill Cho and Jim Chen, the organization focused on bringing families together and building a strong, connected community for first generation Taiwanese Americans and their children. In 1980, MFCF renamed itself as the Taiwanese American Foundation (TAF) and went on to create the Junior, Junior High, Youth and College programs, in addition to a Parents weekend program during the summer conference. The implementation of small groups, advising staff, and four rotating themes changed the nature of the conference to become more youth-focused, emphasizing appreciation of Taiwanese heritage while encouraging personal growth.

Since its establishment as a non-religious and apolitical 501(c)3 NPO, TAF has expanded beyond simply being an annual conference, with a Board of Directors, a growing alumni network, and an annual New Year’s gala. As TAF expands, the organization continues to make a deep impact while simultaneously building a stronger presence within the broader Asian American community.