Taiwanese American Outreach Association 台美人交流協會

台美人交流協會 Taiwanese American Outreach Association

  1. Missions of TAOA

TAOA is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit Taiwanese American (TA) organization registered in the State of Maryland on 10/29/2004 and committed to the following missions:

To promote and facilitate the interaction and integration of TAs with mainstream America.

To further encourage TA’s volunteerism and generosity in giving back to the community.

To foster the understanding and generate interest in the TA’s Taiwanese background and cultures, and to solidify the friendship of TAs and other ethnic Americans.

To further advance and raise the visibility, standing, and unique identity of TAs and Taiwan as a sovereign nation in the surrounding U.S. and international communities.

  1. Functions of TAOA

In particular, TAOA has been established to perform the following functions:

Sponsor/manage the future annual Taiwanese American (TA) Independence Day Parade (TAIDP) Program initiated in May 2002 by two Founders (RCS and CSH) of TAOA, as the 2004 TAIDP Committee decided on 7/31/04 to incorporate this Committee/Program into TAOA.

Revive and manage the discontinued TA Cross-Community Volunteer (TACV) Program.

Sponsor or participate in other cross-community activities, such as the annual National Cherry Blossom Parade in DC in early April, Montgomery County Fair in mid-August, etc.

Engage in other cultural and educational activities and social and charitable services consistent with TAOA stated objectives.

  1. Means of Accomplishing the Stated Goals

These goals will be reached by TA volunteerism, mainly through the following efforts:

Aforementioned planned activities in selective cultural, educational, and social service programs in the multi-ethnical cross-cultural communities.

Efforts of the TAOA Board members (i.e., Founders), who are the past and/or present leaders of various TA organizations in the Greater Washington-Baltimore Region, primarily through their professional or personal connections/influences and moral persuasions, to perform the planning, fundraising, and execution of prospective outreach programs and coordination/ mobilization of the area TAs and/or TA organizations for their voluntary participation, etc.  A successful example of this working model can be found in the highly accomplished facilitation, coordination, and independent management by the TAIDP Committee (the predecessor of TAOA) of participation in the 2002-2004 TAID Parades by many TA individuals, friends, and organizations (TAA-GWC, TAA-GBC, TAA-GRC, TAA-US, FAPA, CATF Credit Union, etc.) in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Encouragement of fund and other donations, as TAOA funding solely depends on public or private donations.  If you want to make donation or have any related questions, please contact our Treasurer, Diana Lin, via email at:  DianaLin99@netscape.net