Taiwanese Association of the Greater Salt Lake (TAGSL) 大鹽湖區台灣同鄉會

Missions (宗旨)

TAGSL is a non-profit organization, not affiliated with any political, social or religious organizations.

(1)  To act and operate exclusively as a nonprofit association pursuant to the laws of the State of Utah, and to act and operate as a charitable organization in lessening the burdens of government, providing relief of the poor and distressed or under-privileged, and promoting social welfare by reducing unemployment through economic development. 

(2)  To preserve Taiwanese American heritage, to advance the interest in and the understanding of Taiwanese culture and society, and to contribute to the cultural diversity in America, cultivating fellowship and harmony between and among the citizenry of the community.

(3)  To thus further maintain its purpose and thereby attain its objective, TAGSL shall at all times predicate its policies upon established principles that enrich human personality and group association through educational, cultural, and other related activities and through policies that conduct forums, panels, lectures or other similar programs for the entire community in general and for all segments of Taiwanese and Taiwanese American community in particular.

(4)  To firmly establish TAGSL as an American institution adhered to the promotion of Taiwanese identity and welfare and appreciation of the Taiwanese heritage, TAGSL shall as its further purpose and objective be perpetually committed to the acceptance of the individual’s communal obligation, the advocacy of responsible citizenship and the protection, maintenance and retention of the American democratic way of life, its creed and its philosophy; and be committed to the defense of human and civil rights secured by law; and to the elimination of prejudice and discrimination.

Activities (活動)

The activities of TAGSL are:
(1) Lunar New Year Celebration, Dragon Boat Festival Picnic, Mid-Autumn Celebration, General Member Meeting to welcome newcomers.
(2) Seminar and/or forum on politics, economics, social and culture related to Taiwan.
(3) Seminar and/or forum on those topics to enrich our daily life.
(4) Participate in the charity activities in Salt Lake Metropolitan.

1. 農曆過年晚會、端午節野餐、中秋賞月。
2. 有關台灣政治、經濟、社會、文化等的演講、座談。
3. 增進同鄉生活品質的座談會。
4. 參與在鹽湖城大都市的慈善活動。 

Organization (組織)

The current organization of TAGSL, 2016:

President: JJ Chen 陳瑞榮

Vice-president: Ming Chei Tu 杜明杰

Treasurer: Sabrina Chappuis 古嘉珮

Secretary: Denise Hsieh 謝珮如

Program Directors:  George Chang 張明正; Jack Chen 陳皆成; Ming Hui Lin 林明輝; Annie  Weed 古嘉珞; Huei Lin Yeh 葉蕙苓

Historian: Steve Lee 李勝和

Senior Advisors: Sen Maw Fang 方森茂; Ming Chen 陳明宗; Po Cheng Chang 張伯誠; Shen-Nan Lin 林勝南