1. Dr. Wayne Lung Wang 王文隆博士

English Name Dr. Wayne Lung Wang  

漢文名 王文隆博士
Birth Year 1944
Birth Place Yilan (宜蘭)
First year / First city / state arrived U.S. 1965/Durham/NH
Present Address IL
Family 1. Wife: Jennie
2. Daughter: Morlie, Helena
3. Son: Steve
Education School Name Year – Year Degree and major
1. Taipei Inst. of Tech. 1959-1964 Diploma, Mechanical Eng.
2. Univ. of New Hampshire 1965-1966 Grad. School, Mech. Eng.
3. Rensselaer Polytech, NY 1966-1967 Grad. School, Nuclear Eng.
4. MIT, Cambridge, MA 1967-1971 Ph. D. Nuclear Eng.
Employment Company name Year – Year Position or title
1. Carnegie-Mellon U, PA 1971-1973 Post Doc
2. Lawrence Berkeley Lab, CA 1973-1975 Post Doc
3. Argonne National Lab, IL 1975-1980 Associate Engr
4. Bell Labs. IL 1980-2010 MTS
Accomplishment 1. Intermediate Structure of Oxygen-16 Giant Resonance

2. Discovery of the Universal Logic in Taoism



1. Dynamic Tao & Its Manifestations (2000)

2. The Logic of Tao Philosophy (2013)

3. Tao Te Ching: An Ultimate Translation (2013)

Hobby 1. Philosophy on Fundamental Nature of Reality

2. Ancient & Modern World Philosophy – Tao, Buddhism, Greek, Modern Philosophy. Humanistic & Social Psychology

3. Taiwanese American Culture, Heritage, history & current issue

4. Art & Writing

Website or Blog www.dynmictao.wordpress.com

Wayne L. Wang   王文隆


Born in Yilan City (Taiwan) in 1944.



Philosophy on Fundamental Nature of Reality

Ancient and Modern World Philosophy – Tao, Buddhism, Greek, and Modern Philosophy. Humanistic and Social Psychology (www.dynamictao.com) Taiwanese and Taiwanese American Culture Taiwanese History and Current Issues, Taiwanese American Heritage

Art and Writing

Oil and other medium Painting, Digital Art (www.whotoo.org); Writings on memoirs and stories on personal life. Book and eBook publishing.


1967-1971 Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1966-1967 Nuclear Engineering, Graduate School, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York
1965-1966 Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School, The University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
1959-1964 Diploma, Mechanical Engineering, Taipei Institute of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan
1956-1959 Yilan Junior High School, Taiwan
1950-1956 Yilan Chong-Shan Elementary School, Taiwan

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As an Author

wayne_wang_3001. Dynamic Tao and Its Manifestations (2000)

2. The Logic of Tao Philosophy (2013)

3. Tao Te Ching: An Ultimate Translation (2013)

Wayne L. Wang was born in Taiwan and migrated to the U.S. for his graduate studies in engineering and physics. In 1971, Dr. Wang received his Ph. D. degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He did research as a theoretical physicist until 1975, publishing numerous papers on nuclear reaction theory. After spending five years on nuclear reactor safety research, he became a telecommunication engineer specializing in advanced mobile telecommunication systems and data communication. His cultural background spans equally both the Eastern and Western worlds.

The similarities between Tao and quantum physics have attracted his early interest in Tao Philosophy. He believes that Tao is coherent and dynamic, and it may be systematically represented as a modern theory. With his background in the Chinese language and modern physics, he has been able to formulate a Tao philosophy in a most coherent and consistent manner. He introduces a scientific process to formulate Tao Philosophy in a language independent fashion.

He has successfully translated the most difficult Chinese classic, the Laotzu Tao Te Ching, with minimum ambiguity. His first book on this subject, Dynamic Tao and Its Manifestations, shows the intimate similarities between Tao Philosophy and Quantum Cosmology. His analysis of Tao Philosophy will set a new framework for modern Tao studies, in both the Eastern and the Western arenas.