823. Gin Ru Yeh 葉錦如

English Name Gin Ru Yeh  

Hanji Name 葉錦如
Birth Year
Birth Place Taipei, Taiwan
First year / First city / State in U.S. -/-/-
Address TX
Family 1. Husband: 李雅彥
2. Daughter: 李宜靜, 李宜安
3. Son: 李卓學
Education School Name Year – Year Degree and major
1. National Taiwan Univ.

B.S., Philosophy
2. Univ. of Houston

M.S., Social Work
Employment Company Name Year – Year Position or title
1. –

Accomplishment 1. One of the Founders and President of North America Taiwanese Women’s Association (北美洲台灣婦女會) 1994-1995

2. President of Taiwanese Heritage Society of Houston (休士頓台灣人傳統基金會) 2001

3. Recipient of Vision in America Award by International Channel Network (美國國際電台網遠景獎) 2004

4. Coordinator of Taiwanese America Conference/Irvin CA (台美人會議) 2005

5. Coordinator of Taiwanese American Community Scholarship Project/Houston 2003-2006

6. Outstanding Taiwanese American Elected by T.A. Archives in 10/2018