1094. Hui-Ju Chen 陳慧如 / 2016/06

Name 陳慧如 博士  



Dr. Hui-Ju Chen
Birth Year
Birth Place 台灣桃園
First year, first city and state arrived in the U.S. -/-/-
Address -/-
Family 1. Husband:-
Education 1. Fu Jen Catholic University
2. University of Maryland, College Park
3. University of Maryland, College Park 2008 Ph.D. Musical Art
Employment 1. 大華府桐花合唱團與雅音合唱團 指揮
2. St. Luke’s Parish Church 女高音
Accomplishment 1.The first place winner of Taipei Music Competition
2.The first place winner of Fu Jen Catholic University Concerto Competition
3. the Honorable Mention Awards from the Chinese International Vocal Competition, 2008, 2009
Publication(Non-professional ones)
Website or Blog

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