42. University of Washington’s College of Engineering Diamond Awards – Entrepreneurial Excellence/ Cherng Jia Hwang 黃呈嘉 / 2017

Cherng Jia Hwang, ’64 M.S., ’66 Ph.D., Electrical Engineering
President (ret.), Optronics International Corp. (now Source Photonics)

Cherng Jia Hwang portrait

With foresight verging on clairvoyance, Cherng Jia “CJ” Hwang pioneered advancements in semiconductor lasers and fiber optic communications decades before the technology was fully understood, inventing new markets and producing technology with widespread medical and defense applications and economic impact. As the inventor of the first long-life semiconductor laser, his innovation is the foundation for countless groundbreaking inventions emerging today. Among other applications, semiconductor lasers are used in medical and dental surgery, laser pointers, grocery store scanners, home entertainment systems and high speed internet and telephone networks.


Professor Rao named Cherng Jia and Elizabeth Yun Hwang Endowed Professor

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