39. Newsletter of T.A. Archives November, 2017

 Taiwanese American Archives (台美史料中心)

November 2017 Issue NO. 31


Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to Everyone!


  • Thank You to All Our Supporters:

During this Thanksgiving season, we thank you heartily for all your support to T. A. Archives’ projects in the past 4 years. We have collected, organized and displayed more than ten thousands of historical information and artifacts in T. A. Archives’ website and Center in Irvine, CA.

For the members of the Article Committee, thank you for lots of readings and votings on the submitted articles. We will have 917 articles of “My Stories” and “Our Journeys”.

Most of us believe that one of important tasks for us now is to have a T. A. history, prepared by T. A. in place.  Let us assume this responsibility together for the coming years.

  • Who Are Taiwanese Americans?

Since 1949, we have up to 5 generations and more than one million of Taiwanese Americans in the U.S.A. now. It becomes an undeniable portion of U. S. immigration history.

Who are T. A.? We would like to raise this question for all of us to ponder. Followings are our suggestions for discussions and debate among us:

There are two criteria for considering a person to be a T. A.:

  1. He/she has connection or relation with Taiwan and Taiwanese
  2. He/She has /had U. S. Citizenship or Permanent Resident Card.

Followings are the routes for becoming T. A.:

  1. As graduate students or medical professionals
  2. As young students
  3. By marriage to a T. A.
  4. Decedents of a T. A.
  5. Relatives of a T. A. thru immigration
  6. Business investments in the U. S.
  7. Having special skills needed in the U. S. labor market
  8. Established scholars, professionals and sport players
  9. Students from Taiwan, studying in the U. S. and other countries and married to Americans
  10. Taiwanese Employees sent to work in the U. S. by their companies. Then, become Americans thru legal channels
  11. Marriage of a Taiwanese to U. S. officers, military personnel, etc
  12. Political and other kinds of refugees
  13. Oversea Taiwanese and their descendants become U. S. Citizen thru immigration quotas of other countries.
  14. Adoption by T. A. Family
  15. Americans serve in Taiwan and become Taiwanese Citizens
  16. Americans like to be Taiwanese voluntarily
  17. Americans work for Taiwanese American organizations and become the leader of his/her organization.
  18. Enter the U. S. illegally and become legal citizens thru legal channels
  19. Miscellaneous routes

We consider an American who has Citizenship or Permanent Residency by Taiwan authority is a T. A. too.

  • Brief Histories of T. A. Organizations:

We have collected 30 histories of T. A. organizations as shown in the link below:


But, we have more than 1,000 organizations. We need your help for this collection job.

  • Newsletters of T. A. Organizations:

  1. We only have good collections of a few organizations so far as shown in the link below:


  1. Newsletters issued by East Coast Formosan Club and West Coast Formosan Club from 1960:

We only collected 7 issues by East Coast (11/1960 to 2/1966) and one issue by West Coast (12/1960) so far. These two organizations are the jewels in our history.  Please help us have a complete collection of their newsletters.

  1. Collections of Your Current Newsletters in Paper Forms and E-Newsletters:

Please mail or e-mail to us. We will save and display yours in T. A. Archives’ website and Center.

  • T.A. Archives Committees in your Local Areas:

In order to speed up this history project, local T. A. Archive Committees / groups are needed for collecting your local historical information and artifacts and share with T. A. Archives.  If you can set-up one, please contact us. We can work with you and support you, if needed.

  • Private Collections:

“Private Collections” in your name provides you with one more place to display and save your publications (published and non-published), documents, academic certificates, award artifacts, photos, videos and tapes, etc. in T. A. Archives Center and website. Those are the legacies of your hard working life in the U. S., deserved to be saved and viewed by your descendants and others.

  • Bio Forms of T. A.:

1922 bio forms have been collected. We would like to collect many more.  We can pay per bio form and the work can be done from your place. Please join our efforts or introduce this part-time job to your friends.

  • Important Events of T. A. Community in 2017:

Please let us know the important events happened in your local T. A. community in 2017, but not posted in our website yet.  We will post it in T. A. Archives’ website and compile in a ballot for voting “the 10 most important events” by you around December 15, 2017. The results will be in our Jan. Newsletter/2018.

  • “Important Events” Collected in October 2017:

  1. Hurricane Irma landed in Florida and Resulted the Greatest People Escape in American History (美國史上最大的逃命潮), 9/10
  2. S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Unanimously Passed ” Taiwan Travel ACT”, 10/12
  • “First/Famous” Collected in October 2017:

  1. Howard Hsy (許希哲) / The First President of Foreign Students Association in University of Oregon/ 1963-64
  2. Yi-Ming Liu ( 劉怡明) / The First Soccer Player in a University Team (University of Oregon) / 1964
  • “Winners of Prestigious Awards” Collected in October 2017:

  1. Presidential Faculty Fellows Award (美國總統教授獎) / Prof. F. FRANK CHEN (陳鳳山) / 1996
  • “Private Collections” Collected in October 2017:

  1. Collection of Prof. Chun-fan Chen ( 陳春帆教授的收藏)
  2. Collection of Mrs. Min-mei Chen ( 吳明美女士的收藏)
  3. Collection of Mr. Freeman Huang (黃樹人先生的收藏)     
  • Artifacts Collected in October:

  1. A Poster of Plains Region Fall Camp (平原區台灣人夏令會海報) 1996, Donated by Dr. J. Chang
  2. A Poster of Taiwan Independence Cup Softball Tournament at Olathe, Kansas 2012 (第四十四屆台灣獨立盃壘球賽海報), Donated by Dr. J. Chang
  3. “UN for Taiwan” T- Shirt in 1990’s , Donated by Dr. L. Chen
  4. A Marching Song “UN for Taiwan”, Created by Mr. T. Hsiao and Dr. L Chen, 09/2002, Donated by Dr. L. Chen.
  • “Videos” Collected in October 2017:

  1. FAPA 35th Anniversary (彭文正教授跟李晶玉夫妻的演說),  09/23/2017
  2. 長青教室秋季班錄影, 2017
  • “Publications” Collected in October 2017:

No. Publications # on website Titles of Publications Authors/Donors Published
1 1139 美國台灣人獅子會2016年刊 美國台灣人獅子會(Donated by Dr. J. Yu) 06/2016
2 1140 美國台灣人獅子會2017年刊 美國台灣人獅子會(Donated by Dr. J. Yu) 06/2017
3 含淚的微笑 許達然 1961
4 遠方 許達然 1965
5 許達然 1979
6 水邊 許達然 1984
  • Progress in October 2017:

We collected 91 entries in September. The total entry is 7241:

Categories # posted in September # posted in October # posted up to 10/31/17
My Stories 12 14 597
Our journeys 4 6 320
Publications 10 2 1140
Culture/Artists/Exhibitions 0 1 88
Culture/Musicians/Concerts 5 3 534
Private Collections 3 3 48
First and Famous 4 2 342
Videos 2 2 84
Photo Albums 1 1 183
Who’s Who 39 13 1922
Projects (21 sub-titles) 15 37 868
Our Footsteps 0 0 21
Events / Milestones 4 2 139
Artifacts 1 4 56
Organizations 5 0 861
Newsletters 1 1 38
Total Entry 106 91 7241
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