203. Jackson Yang 楊信

English Name Jackson Yang  

Hanji Name 楊信
Birth Year 1944
Birth Place Changhua, Taiwan
First year / First city / State in U.S. 1986/-/CA
Address CA
Family 1. Wife: 何巧玲
2. Daughter: —
3. Son: —
Education School Name Year – Year Degree and major
1. –

Employment Company Name Year – Year Position or title
1. Seville Classics , Inc.


2. First General Bank

Accomplishment 1. Founder and CEO of Seville Classic Co.

2. President of World Taiwan Merchant Association (世界台商會總會會長)

3. President of North America Taiwan Merchant Association (北美洲台灣商會總會長)

4. President of Taiwan Merchant Association of Los Angeles (洛杉磯台美商會會長)

5. CEO of First General Bank (大通銀行總裁)

6. Founder and First President of North American Chuang Hwa Association (北美彰化同鄉會創會會長)

7. Outstanding Taiwanese American Elected by T.A. Archives in 03/2019