140. James Yang楊明仁, Violinist / 2015/02

James Yang 楊明仁, Violinist

楊明仁James Yang is a recent graduate of UCLA with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. He has played the violin under the instruction of Ms. Ingrid Kuo and Mrs. Earlene Belsey. His mu­sical credits include attaining the Certificate of Merit Level 8, playing in the CSUN Youth Orchestra, and guest conducting the FPCLA Joint Adult and Youth Choir. In the last four years at UCLA, he has also been acting and singing in the annual Chinese Cultural Nights, and has produced and coproduced two of the shows. He is currently on the board of directors of the Lotus Foundation, a newly formed organization dedicated to promoting Asian community programs and producing Chinese dance programs.


楊明仁,1994年畢業於UCLA,主修電腦及電腦工程學。自幼 習琴,師承小提琴家郭雋音小姐及Belsey夫人,曾參加Certificate of Men’t鑑定考試,榮獲最髙級、初髙中時期,參CSUN青少年交響樂 團擔任小提琴手。現今擔任洛杉磯基督長老教會的成人及青年團契 聯合詩班客座指揮。UCLA時期,曾在一年一度的文化之夜, 兩度擔任獨唱及導演的角色,演技非凡,深獲好評。他現任蓮花基 金會會長,爲推廣亞洲社區節目及製作舞蹈節目出力不淺。

Source from Saint Paul by Joint Formosan Presbyterian Church Choir / 1995/01