180. Li-Ying Shang 商麗鶯, Conductor / 2015/03

Li-Ying Shang 商麗鶯, Conductor

商麗鶯Li-Ying Shang, a well-known soprano in the Taiwanese church community, was born in the Tainan prominent Shang family that has a long tradition of celebration of classical music.

Ms. Shang began to study piano and vocal in her early childhood. During her four-year of study at the Tunghai University she received the professional vocal training from the famous soprano Mrs. Teh-Yau Wu – wife of  the school’s Principal and the Chorale Conductor Professor  Teh-An Cheng. In addition, Ms. Carter, the faculty member at the school helped Li-Ying in improving her piano technique. Under the influences and the encouragement by her mentors, Ms. Shang developed a great passion and involved deeply in the sacred church music.

While studying at the Northeastern Illinois State University, she was also pursuing choral conducting under the guidance of Dr. David Larson. After receiving a Master Degree in Mathematics, she began her career as a Computer Programmer Analyst and later as a Data Base Administrator. For over 30 years Li-Ying was able to constantly conduct her beloved church music and maintain her full-time career working in the computer field.

Ms. Shang is considered as one of the most outstanding Taiwanese chorale conductors in Southern California. Besides conducting  choirs in multiple churches, she had conducted numerous oratorio performances. From 1990-1997, Li-Ying had led the Chorale of Taiwanese Presbyterian Churches in Southern California to perform the major sacred music pieces composed by 18-20 century composers. The repertoires included Mozart’s “Requiem” and his Chorale Music, Handel’s “Messiah”, Haydn’s “The Creation”, Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” and Cantata “Hear My Prayer”, Charles Gound’s “St. Cecilia Mass”, Beethoven’s “Choral Fantasy”, etc. The choir also performed the choral music written by Professor Tyzen Hsiao’s, a renowned pianist and composer in Taiwanese community.

In 2000, Li-Ying was invited to participate in the “Musical Spirit Healing” program after the devastating earthquake in the central Taiwan area in September 1999. She has also applied the “Musical Spirit Healing” to rehabilitate drug addicted inmates in Tainan County Prison for several years. She has conducted the “Tainan YMCA Chorus” to give several impressive performances at Tainan Municipal Culture Center since 2002. In June 2011, and May of 2012, she has successfully led the “Tainan YMCA Chorus” and “Los Angeles Formosan Master Chorale” to perform Haydn’s oratorio “ Creation” ; in 2013 Christmas season, she again led these two choruses to perform Handel’s oratorio “Messiah”, both in Tainan and Irvine . In 2015 she led the LAFMC to accomplish the Mozart Choral Music and Requiem at First United Methodist Church, Pasadena, California successfully.



出身台南音樂世家,名女高音。就讀東海大學期間,得名聖樂女高音吳德耀校長夫人及聖樂團指揮鄭得安教授在聲樂技巧以及合唱與和聲的嚴格訓練指導,在教會音樂的領域獲得精湛的薰陶,奠定日後指揮聖樂合唱的基礎。曾擔任韓德爾『彌賽亞』、孟德爾頌『以利亞』、海頓『創造』等神劇及多首巴哈清唱劇的女高音獨唱。獲伊利諾東北州立大學數學碩士,從事電腦程式與資料壘分析設計師三十餘年。在芝加哥期間深受聖樂權威 Dr. David Larson的指揮技巧的影響,對教會音樂與詩班指揮更有偏愛與信心。麗鶯精研合唱指揮技巧,重視合唱和聲的優美及咬字的精確,強調人文藝術與音樂的融會貫通。全心投入聖樂事工的推廣與傳承40餘年。1991 – 1997年,指揮「南加州台灣人長老教會聖樂團」演唱莫扎特『安魂曲』與聖樂曲,韓德爾『彌賽亞』,海頓『創造』,孟德爾頌『以利亞』三大聖樂神劇,孟德爾頌『聽我祈求』清唱劇,古諾『St. Cecilia』彌撒曲,蕭泰然教授『耶穌基督』神劇聖樂曲及台灣民謠編曲,貝多芬『幻想合唱曲』等。 2000年應邀回故鄉台灣參與921地震災區的心靈重建;充份發揮音樂樂療傷的效果:而後繼續台南仁德外役監獄戒毒中心,為受刑人成立合唱團以及詩歌教唱,積極推動音樂療傷的事工。從2002年,擔任「台南YMCA合唱團」指揮,每年於台南文化中心演藝廳,演唱大型聖樂巨作。2011年春,協助洛杉磯愛好聖樂有志成立「洛杉磯福爾摩莎聖樂團」。2011611日,2012506日,分別指揮「台南YMCA合唱團」、「洛杉磯福爾摩莎聖樂團」,於台南文化中心演藝廳、Irvine, Concordia University Center 演唱兩場海頓『創造』神劇。20131208日,同年1222日,再次分別於台南、洛杉磯兩地完成兩場韓德爾『彌賽亞』神劇的演唱會。2015131日於First United Methodist Church of Pasadena, 獻給鄉親一場溫馨的「莫札特生命的樂章」聖樂饗宴。


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