189. Paul Pai-Shih Lee 李百仕, Violinist/2015/04

Paul Pai-Shih Lee 李百仕, Violinist

李百仕#Violinist Paul Pai-Shih Lee, a Taiwan born Taiwanese-American, started his musical training at the young age of 4 at the Yamaha School. Lee picked up the violin at the age of 6 and since then it has been a big part of his life.

While growing up, Lee was accepted into a music talent class at third grade in Taiwan. Soon after, Lee immigrated to the United States where he continued his pursuit in violin with private instructors Etsuo Ejiri and Anne Thatcher. Lee stayed active as a young violinist participating in youth orchestras and competitions where he had the opportunity to perform at the Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center and even on the radio as the winner of the SYMF competition. Much cultivated on the violin from serving as a concertmaster and as a soloist, Lee then pursued a degree in violin performance on the Marjorie Rawlinfs Scholarship at the University of California, Irvine where he had the privilege of studying under the mentor of Haroutune Bedelian for Bachelors of Music and then Master of Fine Arts. Lee has since been very active both as a perfor mer and an instructor on the violin. Some of the orchestras and chamber groups that Leefs played with include American Youth Symphony, Bellflower Symphony, Burbank Symphony, Citizen Piano Trio, Crescendo String Quartet, Downey Symphony, Golden State Pop Orchestra, Irvine Symphony Orchestra, J.T/s California Dreamin1, and Orange County Youth Symphony. Lee has also been a huge advocate of Taiwanese music, featured numerous times performing works by Tyzne Hsiao. Lee’s instructional experience includes California Graduate School of Theology, California Music Studios, Irvine Arts and Music, New Avenue School, San Elijo Middle School, Soma Music Academy, University of California, Irvine, Vienna Music Institute and Villa Musica. (摘自:向大師致敬-蕭泰然教授經典音樂會2014/10 & 11)


李百仕先生出生於台灣,從小就移民來美國。跟從Etujo Ejiri 和Anne Thatcher學習小提琴。高中畢業後獲得Marjorie Rawlin Scholarship 就讀University of California, Irvine在Haroutune Bedelian指導下主修小提琴表演,之後持續在UCI讀碩士,仍然專攻小提琴。(source from http://www.taiwancenter.com/sdtca/articles/6-12/1.html)