17. Hurricane Harvey hit Greater Houston Area (哈維颶風登陸大休士頓地區) 08/25-29/2017

The greater Houston area has been battling the effects and the aftermaths of Hurricane Harvey since Sunday August 27.  Many people in our community are significantly affected by this  historical disaster. They either got flooded or forced to evacuate to a safer place. Because we have seen many of our community members tried to find out if their family and friends are safe through disparate social media and requested information or helps, THSH decided to set up a Disaster Recovery Facebook page as a platform for information, safety check, aid communication, and to match between needs and resources.  We also need volunteers (volunteer Registration) who are willing to contribute their time, talents, monetary donation to help those who are affected by this catastrophic event.  Let’s work together to overcome this adversity.  Thank you. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/TCCDisasterRecovery/

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