21. Singing Angels – Houston Asian-Pacific Children’s Chorus 天使之聲─休士頓亞太兒童合唱團 / 2015/02


Singing Angels – Houston Asian-Pacific Children’s Chorus

休士頓亞太兒童合唱團The mission of Singing Angels-Houston Asian-Pacific Children’s Chorus (SA-HAPCC) is to educate, develop and inspire musically talented children to attain the highest level of choral artistry. The purpose is educational, and its goal is to teach children to achieve high artistic standards through choral singing and performance. The secondary goal is to provide the community with a major choral group consisting of children from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds to promote the unity among the diversities. An equally important aspect of the Chorus is the nurturing of personal growth, teamwork, responsibility, discipline, self-control, and confidence in our children. We create an environment that fosters the growth of qualities that will not only help these children to become successful in choral music, but also successful in their lives.

天使之聲的使命是要教育,啟發、培養、發展兒童歌唱與音樂的天份,幫助他們達到最高的歌唱藝術 境界。我們的目標是教育的,要教導兒童通過學習合唱與表演而達到更高的藝術水準。其次是要從這 個來自不同種族、文化的兒童的一同合唱,促進社區社團在多元種族文化中謀求合一共榮。另外一個 同樣重要的目標是我們教導培養合唱團員的人格成長,團隊合作,責任感,守規律,自我控制與自信心。我們創造一個環境來幫助他們在歌唱藝術成功,也幫助他們擁有健全的人生。

Source from http://houstonewind.com/201008/SAHAPCC.pdf