231. Ru-Pei Yeh 葉儒沛, Cellist / 2015/07

Ru-Pei Yeh 葉儒沛, Cellist

葉濡沛Cellist Ru-Pei Yeh has established herself as a versatile artist who performs regularly in Taiwan and the U.S. Her elegant and lyrical playing has propelled her pursuit in a career as a soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral player.

One of the founding members of the Formosa Quartet, which won the prestigious London International String Quartet Competition in April 2006, Ms. Yeh joined the New York Philharmonic in September 2006 as its youngest section cellist. In the 2005-2006 season, Ms. Yeh served as the acting principal of San Diego Symphony and San Diego Opera and performed in a string quartet with the principal players of the symphony.

Her solo appearances with orchestra include Hudson Valley Philharmonic, Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, National Taiwan Symphony, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, North Carolina School of the Arts International Music Program Orchestra, North Carolina School of the Arts Orchestra, and Kuan-Jen School Orchestra.

Ms. Yeh appears often as a recitalist in New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Boston, Tainan, and Taipei. She has participated in Taiwan Connection Chamber Music Festival, and together with Jasmine Lin, Joseph Lin, and Che-Yen Chen, founded the Formosa Quartet on a tour of Taiwan in 2002. The Formosa Quartet has received enthusiastic acclaim for their performances throughout the U.S., Taiwan, and England and has recorded under EMI Debut Series.

A native of Taiwan, Ru-Pei Yeh has been performing professionally since the age of 10. She moved to the United States at age 13 where she studied with Orlando Cole at the Temple Preparatory School. Along with her studies in the states, Ms. Yeh has received prizes and honors from Hudson Valley String Competition, Jacksonville Symphony Concerto Competition, and North Carolina School of the Arts Concerto Competition. She received her Bachelor of Music from the New England Conservatory under the tutelage of Laurence Lesser, and her Masters and Artist Diploma Degree from The Juilliard School, where she studied with Joel Krosnick.

大提琴 葉儒沛
葉儒沛自10歲起已有專業級的演出實力,13歲移居美國求學,之後於新英格蘭音樂院(New England Conservatory)求學,師事Laurence Lesser並獲得音樂學士學位;其後就讀於茱莉亞音樂學院(The Juilliard School),師事Joel Krosnick,獲得藝術碩士學位。期間並贏得Hudson Valley絃樂大賽、Jacksonville Symphony Concerto 比賽、與North Carolina School of the Arts Concerto 比賽優勝。
葉儒沛經常往來台灣與美國演出,她優雅且抒情豐富的演出技巧已讓她成為獨當一面的專業大提琴獨奏家,同時也於室內樂團與管絃樂團擔任要角演出。2005-2006年,她擔任聖地牙哥交響樂團首席與聖地牙歌劇院擔任首席;2006年9月葉儒沛加入紐約愛樂交響樂團成為歷來最年輕的大提琴手。此外,她也與知名管絃樂團共同演出,包括Hudson Valley Philharmonic、Evergreen Symphony Orchestra、National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra、Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra、North Carolina School of the Arts International Music Program Orchestra、North Carolina School of the Arts Orchestra、 Kuan-Jen School Orchestra。
經常於美國與台灣舉辦獨奏會的葉儒沛,也是2003年成立的「福爾摩沙四重奏」的創始人之一,此樂團不但贏得2006年4月的倫敦國際絃樂四重奏大賽(London International String Quartet Competition),其在台灣、美國、英國的演出也獲得當地熱烈好評,目前並已灌錄由EMI發行的Debut系列CD。

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