American Citizens of Taiwan Origin (ACTO) 美台公民協會

美台公民協會 American Citizens of Taiwan Origin (ACTO)

American Citizens of Taiwan Origin (ACTO) is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization.  ACTO was founded in 1988 with the purpose of achieving the following objectives:

Responsible Citizenship – to promote the active participation of American citizens of Taiwan origin in the American political process

Community Service – to contribute to the prosperity and welfare of American society in general; to serve the public with educational and other community services

Cultural Heritage – to preserve the cultural heritage of American citizens of Taiwan origin; to provide opportunities to learn about the culture heritage of its members; to work with other Asian American organizations celebrating cultural activities

Equal opportunity – to be an advocate for justice and fairness toward American citizens of Taiwan origin; to oppose prejudice and discrimination against Asian Americans.

ACTO Organizations

Northern Virginia Chinese School – a non-profit language school based in Marshall High School in Falls Church, Virginia

Investment Information Exchange Community (I2EC) – a non-profit organization for educating the community on the basics of investment.  Meetings are held in Falls Church, Virginia.

ACTO Activities

ACTO Outstanding Student Award – This is an annual award given to a student based on academic record and public service.

Senior Citizens Foundation – This organization provides services for senior citizens, including transportation during elections.