Ann Arbor Taiwanese Church 安雅堡台灣教會

關於我們 About Us



In 1971, we started as a grass root immigrant Bible study group with only a few Taiwanese Christians and grad students trying to be faithful witnesses to their fellow Taiwanese and eventually became a fellowship with Sunday worship service on Thanksgiving Day 1976. We continue that tradition and seek to share the good news and to witness what God is doing in our own lives.

While everyone is welcome at our church, we are a denizen church. And as such, our mission target is focused squarely on Taiwanese migrants coming across the Pacific. And our ministry is especially geared toward those who identify with Taiwanese and Taiwanese-American community.

目標 Our Goals


At AATPC, our goal is to be and share the message of hope to the Taiwanese people. To that end, we, as a targeted minority ministry, are committed to equip and empower anyone who has a burden for the Taiwanese people.