10. 2015 Top 10 Import Events Voted by Taiwanese Americans

2015 Top 10 Import Events Voted by Taiwanese Americans

1 民進黨主席蔡英文總統候選人成功的訪問美國,受到台美人及美國政界的熱烈歡迎。
2 台美史料中心積極收集台美人史料,擴充內容:http://taiwaneseamericanhistory.org/
3 Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement students’ speaking engagements at numerous Taiwanese American Summer Conferences and camps.
4 The passing of Mr. Tyzen Hsiao 蕭泰然, Prof. Alexander K. Young 楊慶安, Dr. Fu-Tong Hsu 徐福棟, Dr. Edward Cheng 鄭德昌 and Mrs. Tina Chang 張丁蘭.
5 The rally for UN Membership for Taiwan in New York.
6 The establishment of the Overseas Support Association for Dr. Tsai Ing-Wen’s 2016 Campaign for the Presidency of Taiwan (海外小英後援會) 及助選團成立.
7 吳澧培傳紀出版并在台灣暢銷,直接宣揚台灣人及台美人的心聲。
8 The invitation of 8 Young leaders and 12 graduate students in U.S. Universities from Taiwan to participate in the annual meeting of NATPA in August .
9 NATPA (North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association) Created “NATPA Professor Liao Shutsung Memorial Award,” (NATPA 廖述宗教授紀念獎) and  “NATPA Professor Liao Shutsung Research Award” (NATPA 廖述宗教授研究獎金)
10 The first of our second generation of T. A. ,Dr. Lisa Su becomes the CEO of America Micro Device Co ( AMD)  , a big public-trade high-tech company.