10. Taiwanese American Summer Conference (TAC/EC 台美人美東夏令會) by Artist Chao-Min Liu (劉兆民) / 2011


Taiwanese American Summer Conference TAC/EC 台美人美東夏令會

by Chao-Min Liu, oil on canvas 36” x 48”

The summer Taiwanese-American Conference / East Coast (TAC/EC) has been meeting since 1969. It is the largest and oldest conference by Taiwanese-Americans in the United States. The meeting takes place annually during the July 4th Independence Day long weekend for 2 to 4 days at different locations on the east coast.

The subjects of the conference cover a wide range of interests for both first and second generations Taiwanese-Americans. The conference shows a strong support for reforming our motherland’s political system to be more democratic. It is also a gathering for social networking and relaxation. The live cultural performances on “Taiwan Night” are some of the highlights of this gathering.