85. Melinda Tang 陳方俐, Pianist/2014/12

 Melinda Tang 陳方俐, Pianist


Melinda is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Music, where she received a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance in 1991, and a Master of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy in 1993. She has studied piano with Laurence Davis, Bernardo Segall, and Sylvia Wang. While studying at Northwestern, she performed in Master Classes for Jean Barr and Claude Frank. During graduate studies, Melinda was a accompanist for the University Womens Chorus. She has studied accompanying with Laurence Davis, and choral conducting with Robert Harris.

Melinda is currently teaching at Colima Yamaha Music School in Rowland Heights, and its sister branch in Walnut. She is also serving at Grace Taiwanese Presbyterian Church as a choir director and accompanist.

陳方俐,是西北大學音樂學院畢業,於一九九一年獲鋼琴演奏音樂學士,繼於一九九三年榮獲鋼琴演奏及敎學音樂碩士,在學中師事鋼琴家Laurence Davis, Bernardo Segall及 Dr. Sylvia Wang.現師事 Konstantin Sirounian.她由 Laurence Davis學習伴奏,並由Dr. Robert Harris學習合唱團指揮。目前執敎於Rowland Heights的Colima山葉音樂學校,也在恩惠台灣基督長老敎會擔任音樂部的一位聖樂指揮及伴奏。

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