84. Mei-Hua Huang 黃美華, Soprano/2014/12

Mei-Hua Huang 黃美華, Soprano


Mei-Hua Huang has recently received her Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance from the California State University, Los Angeles. She studied under Pollyanne Baxter, who helped Mei-Hua prepare for her Graduate Recital on May 5, 1995.

Mei-Hua Huang came to the United States in 1991 in pursuit of higher education. Prior to her departure, she was the music teacher at Xing-Chia Elementary School. She was the choral director for three Children’s Choirs and one District Teacher’s Choir. Her choirs had won first places at many of the district’s competitions. As a musician, she has also won first place at the National Vocal Competition for Teachers. As a prize, she performed and toured the entire nation.

Presently, Mei-Hua Huang is the Music Coordinator for Orff Teachers at the Crossroads Community Foundation in Santa Monica. She is also the Choral Director at the New Road Middle School.

黃美華於1991年來美進修,1995年6月從加州州立大學洛杉磯分校獲得聲樂的碩士學位。在學中師事Pollyanne Baxter敎授。出國前擔任高縣新甲國小的音樂專任老師,曾任過三個兒童合唱團及敎師合唱團的指揮,在個人及合唱團的比賽都曾數度得獎,並赴全國各地演出。目前在Santa Monica Crossroads Community Foundation擔任奧爾福(Orff)的音樂主任(Music Coordinator)。以及New Roads Middle School的合唱團指揮。黃美華是位極優秀的抒情花腔女高音,音色輕快優美,對於莫札特、貝里尼的曲目,能作深入貼切的詮釋。本身音域的寬廣,以及高度的聲樂技巧,在面對艱難的大曲目時,亦能充份發揮不露遲疑。對於音樂的認識極爲透徹,因此能忠實地傳達作曲家的創作意願,凡是聽過她歌聲的聽衆無不留下深刻完美的印象。

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