886. MSCI永續發展中心成立 台裔李宜玲出任創始負責人 | 09/2023

MSCI永續發展中心成立 台裔李宜玲出任創始負責人

MSCI在13日宣布成立 MSCI 永續發展中心,以協助資本市場發揮作用,創造永續價值,並應對氣候變遷等全球挑戰。中心創始董事兼主管將由台裔美籍李宜玲(Linda-Eling Lee)出任,她曾入選美國金融界100位最具影響力的女性。

MSCI指出,MSCI永續發展中心將利用 MSCI 在投資行業累積的經驗和專業知識,推動金融業、學術界、政府、非政府組織、智庫及各行各業之間的合作,並助力縮小在制定戰略過程中所涉及的資料、分析、政策和行動之間的差距。 無論是推動業界再生能源經濟轉型,或是應對其他長期風險,都需要資本市場生態圈的通力合作。



MSCI 董事長兼執行長費南德斯(Henry Fernandez)表示,氣候變遷等全球挑戰,無法單靠政府、企業、非政府組織,或多邊組織等任何一方獨自解決。最有意義的解決方案均需要某種形式的跨界合作。MSCI永續發展中心將廣泛彙集具有互補優勢和專業知識的專家,並協助他們將資料分析所得到的構想,轉化為實際行動,發揮影響力。

MSCI 永續發展中心負責人李宜玲曾為 MSCI 全球 ESG 和氣候研究部主管,建立永續領域頂尖的研究團隊,對於永續價值和投資風險的長期驅動因素有深入的研究。在 ESG 和永續發展領域,她是備受肯定的領導人物與思惟領袖,曾入選美國金融界 100 位最具影響力的女性。

李宜玲表示:「我們非常高興能與投資者、學術界、政策制定者、非政府組織和各行各業攜手合作,通過運用 MSCI 在衡量財務和非財務價值方面的創新經驗,讓資本市場對於如何促進永續價值,有更深的認識。」


Linda-Eling Lee Head of the MSCI Sustainability Institute

As founding director and head of the MSCI Sustainability Institute, Linda-Eling Lee leads the Institute’s work to drive progress by capital markets to create sustainable value.

Linda, a member of MSCI’s Executive Committee, most recently led global ESG and climate research at MSCI, where she built one of the world’s top teams of analysts dedicated to understanding long-term drivers of sustainable value.

Linda joined MSCI in 2010 following its acquisition of RiskMetrics Group, where she led ESG ratings research and headed consumer sector analysis. She joined RiskMetrics in 2009 through its acquisition of Innovest.

Prior to Innovest, Linda was the Research Director at the Center for Research on Corporate Performance, developing Harvard Business School academic research into management tools to drive long-term corporate performance. Previously, she was a strategy consultant with Monitor Group in Europe and Asia, working with Fortune 500 clients in industries ranging from beverages to telecommunications.

She received her doctorate in organizational behavior from Harvard, holds a masters from the University of Oxford, and a bachelors from Harvard College.

Linda serves as a director of US SIF: Sustainable Investment Forum, and is a fellow of the Finance Leaders Fellowship of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. She has published research in both management and investment practitioner journals, as well as in top academic peer-reviewed journals. She was named one of the Top 100 Women in Finance by Barron’s in 2019 and 2021.

Linda was voted No. 1 for an Individual Making the Most Positive Overall Contribution to Sustainable Investment / Corporate Governance in 2018 and 2019 by Extel/IRRI. She is a frequent media commentator on climate, ESG and sustainable investing in outlets including the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The New York Times.



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Posted on 09/26/2023