137. First Taiwanese American State Senator Stephanie Chang /Michigan/2018

Starting the State Representative Race with Parents 宣佈參選州眾議員 2013.11


Stephanie with her family on the Primary voting day  2014


Swearing in as the State Representative 2015.1


Running for State Representative with the Supporting Group 2016


Giving a Speech after Receiving MCLV Award 2017 接受密西根環保聯盟年度議員獎


Received Stabenow Political Leadership Award 獲頒政治領袖獎 2017


Fundraising Flyer 2017.11


Mi Nurses Association Day Activity 密西根護士協會州府活動日2018 5月


Cleaning the River 淨河活動 2018.6


Fundraising Flyer Lafayette Park 2018.6


Stephanie Wearing Straw Hat Visiting Voters 2018.7


Sending Postcard to Encourage the Millennials to vote 寄催票明信片給千禧年投票人2018.7


Whole Family on the Primary Voting day 2018.8



Environmental Protection Bill 環保議案2018.10


With State Senate Minority Leader after Being Elected as the Minority Floor Leader 2018.11


Source from 沈麗華

Posted on 11/09/2018