35. Brief History of Taiwanese Association of America, New Jersey Chapter (TAA-NJ)

Brief History of Taiwanese Association of America, New Jersey Chapter (TAA-NJ)

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Starting in the 1960s, many of the overseas Taiwanese students who decided to stay in the United States after earning their degrees found job opportunities in New Jersey, while others who worked in New York City decided to live in the northern and central parts of New Jersey and commute to work. There were also a lot of international students from Taiwan, especially in central New Jersey, where the famous Princeton University and Rutgers State University are located, and there were also Christian bible study classes. Since there were so many students, many felt that it was necessary to establish a Taiwanese association. In the beginning, working individuals, church members, and students discussed the details of establishing a Taiwanese association together. After much discussion, they finally established a board of directors to begin operations, and called the organization “Taiwanese Association of America, New Jersey Chapter.” The inaugural meeting was held in 1973 in the auditorium of a seminary on the Rutgers State University New Brunswick campus. Over one hundred Taiwanese individuals attended. In the beginning, the association focused on social and mutual assistance activities. There were activities geared around sharing general life knowledge, lectures to introduce different professions, softball activities, a choir, and other such activities. Later on, the association became active in the Taiwan democracy movement and began hosting an annual summer conference for Taiwanese living on the East Coast. After 44 years, the association is still in operation, with the majority of its members coming from central new Jersey.


The Taiwanese Association of America, New Jersey Chapter website: http://www.taa-nj.org

The following table lists the President and important events of each year:


Brief History of TAA-NJ


No. Year President Important Events
1 1973 Board of Directors 1. The inaugural meeting in New Brunswick NJ
2. Established a softball team to represent TAA/NJ in East Coast Taiwanese American Softball Tournament
2 1974 Mei-li Ou 1. Hosted a sports festival and the annual meeting

2. Published Penglai Island magazine

3 1975 Shou-I Wang 1. Hosted the first Taiwanese American Conference – East Coast in Camp of the Woods, NY
2. Formally joined the Taiwanese Association of America (TAA)
3. Attended the first Worldwide Taiwanese Association Annual Meeting in New York City
4 1976 Fu-Tong Hsu 1. Founded Formosan Club Federal Credit Union
5 1977 Gichiong Khu 1. Set up a management committee and established 5 members / committee for collective leadership
2. Invited Kuo Yu-hsin to give a speech at the annual meeting and express his political opinions about participating in Taiwan’s presidential elections.

3. Hosted a Smorgasbord (Nordic-style picnic)

6 1978 Rung-yao Chen
7 1979 Martin C. Wang 1. Participated in the operation of “Voice of Taiwan”
2. Produced the English version of “Voice of Taiwan”
8 1980 Martin C. Wang 1. Hosted the Taiwanese American Conference – East Coast at East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania
9 1981 Chin-te Huang
10 1982 Tehming Liang 1. Invited Mark Chen to be Keynote Speaker at the annual meeting
2. Invited Hsieh Li-fa to talk about the history of Taiwanese art
11 1983 Yu-ping Weng
12 1984 Elena Ling 1. Collaborated with the Taiwanese American Association of New York to organize Hsu Jung-shu and Chou Ching-yu’s first visit to come and speak in the United States
2. Performed “Patching a Broken Net” with the Wen-Chen Chen Foundation at the 1983 Taiwanese American Conference – East Coast
13 1985 Shang-wu Lin 1. Hosted the Taiwanese American Conference – East Coast at U. Mass., MA
14 1986 Gou-Chung Chi
15 1987 Rung-chen Huang
16 1988 Dean Su
17 1989 Yu-ping Weng
18 1990 Mo Chao Tsai 1. Hosted the Taiwanese American Conference – East Coast at Cornell Univ, Ithaca, NY
2. Put complete effort into promoting the addition of “Taiwanese” as a category on the 1990 U. S. Census
3. TAA-NJ was officially recognized by the government as a non-profit organization
19 1991 Kao-ming Chen
20 1992 Yang-ming Chen
21 1993 Mark Kao 1. TAA-NJ and Rutgers Students’ Association cooperated to organize a variety of activities

2. Began reissuing the association newsletter

22 1994 Charles Tsai 1. Had the directory compiled and printed by a printing house for the first time
2. Held a statewide collaborative meeting for Taiwanese organizations in March. Leaders from 18 Taiwanese organiizations participated in the event, with the goal of promoting mutual assistance and cooperation, uniting and generating strength, gathering people, and expanding to have more meaningful activities.
3. TAA-NJ collaborated with the Northern New Jersey and South Jersey chapters to host a groundbreaking graduation party and a Taiwanese Folk Song contest.
23 1995 Alan Su 1. Hosted the Taiwanese American Conference – East Coast at Cornell Univ, Ithaca, NY

2. Spring Cherry Blossom Tour in Newark 4/22
3. Summer Camping Trip in Branchville, NJ 7/28-7/30

24 1996 Ying-shih Su 1. Participated in many meaningful political demonstrations
2. Attended the global Anne Frank in the World Exhibit in South Brunswick
3. Organized summer youth activities
25 1997 Hsing-Chi Chuck Chang 1. Hosted the first political presentation about candidates running to represent NJ-12 in Congress, which provided information for association members to reference while voting.
2. Co-organized the New Jersey Taiwanese American Youth Summer Softball Tournament and participated in other activities (camping, picnics, annual meeting, attended Taiwanese American activities in the Greater New York area, etc.)

3. Hosted Gubernatorial Candidate Night on 10/18 in New Brunswick, NJ

26 1998 Yueh-ting Tsai 1. Held the annual meeting on 1/24 in Piscataway

2. Held a 228 memorial event

27 1999 Yueh-ting Tsai 1. Donated over $30,000 to aid Taiwan after the 921 earthquake
2. 10/23 Participated in Taiwan 921 Earthquake Relief Walk
28 2000 Hui-hua Chen 1. Hosted the annual meeting at Rutgers University for the first time 1/29

2. Hosted the Taiwanese American Conference – East Coast at U. Delaware, DE
3. Held a dinner to celebrate Chen Shui-bian’s election

29 2001 Yen-ling Lin 1. Welcomed President Chen Shui-bian to New York
2. Invited Taipei County Magistrate Su Tseng-chang to speak at the annual meeting
3. Participated in disaster relief activities for the 911 New York World Trade Building and Taiwan flood disasters
30 2002 Tsai-lan Huang 1. 2/27 Held the annual meeting at Rutgers Univ. Lin Chun-sheng gave the keynote speech: “A New Country, A New Cabinet, A New Taiwan”

2. Piscataway Library held an exhibition on Taiwanese history, culture, and technology
3. The Tsou Indigenous Peoples’ Culture and Art Troupe North American Performance Tour

31 2003 Hanna Liao 1. Co-organized the annual meeting with the Rutgers University Taiwanese Association
2. Issued the first co-authored newsletter with TAA-NNJ
3. Created scholarships for high school graduates
32 2004 Ben Liu 1. Hosted a Taiwanese Comedy Competition 04/2004
33 2005 Chien-tung Wu 1. Hosted the annual meeting on 2/12 at Rutgers Univ. and invited Dr. Wu Hsiung Tsai and Professor Lung-Chi Chen to give speeches.

2. Hosted the Taiwanese American Conference – East Coast

34 2006 Chi-tung Tsai 1. Hosted the annual meeting on 1/28 at Rutgers Univ. and invited Professor H. C. Lee and Professor Frank Chiang to give speeches

2. Sponsored the TSAA Spring banquet at Princeton Univ.

35 2007 Pi-Chun Li Co-organized the annual meeting at Rutgers Univ. with the Rutgers Taiwanese Graduate Student Association and invited Dr. Monty Wang to come give a speech
36 2008 Chung-nan Chen 1. Worked with the North American Taiwanese Professors Association – NJ Chapter to invite former Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Hsieh Ching-chih, to come give a lecture on 11/21
2. Hosted a summer barbeque event on 8/11 and invited Dr. Cary S. Hung to give a speech: “A Deep Reflection on the Eve Before We Depart Again.” Local singer, Mr. Ming-che Wang, also came to perform.

3. At the annual meeting on 2/14/2009, Dr. Chun C. Tsai, a psychiatrist from Chicago, was invited to give the keynote speech: “Living Peacefully in Old Age.” That night, Ms. Joyce Chen, Mayor of Kaohsiung, stopped by pay New Year’s greetings to the members of the association.

37 2009 Tsung-yuan Tsai 1. Began using email as the association’s main tool of communication
2. Sponsored the Taiwanese American Church’s Asian Traditional Food Night Market and Concert
38 2010 Keng Chi Wu 1. Hosted the 41st Taiwanese American Conference – East Coast on 7/2-7/5 at Univ. of Delaware, Newark, DE. Conference Theme: New Considerations, New Footsteps
2. The annual meeting was moved to the Mercer oaks clubhouse, catered full service Western Style Buffet from a Club restaurant on 2/20
39 2011 Sheng-chia Chang Hosted the annual meeting at Mercer oaks clubhouse on 2/19, invited Keng Chi Wu to speak
40 2012 Hsiu-mei Chang 1. Spring Softball tournament and picnic on 8/25 in Mercer County Park, West Windsor

2. Set-up a booth in Passport to Taiwan

41 2013 Alexander M. Lee Invited Jeff Yang, Columnist & Karen Wei, Attorney for Keynote speeches at the annual meeting on 2/23
42 2014 Su-Mei Kao 1. Bus trip for Sunflower movement rally in New York 03/30

2. Annual BBQ & Softball tournament in West Windsor;
3. UN4TW;
4. Rutgers University supports Hong Kong democracy

5. Ko Wen-je New Policies talk in NYC;
6. KANO movie screening,
7. Professor Chang Yen-hsien Memorial
8. Joined Overseas Taiwanese for Democracy at their 1st Princeton Outreach

43 2015 Su-Mei Kao 1. Hosted the 46th Taiwanese American Conference – East Coast;
2. Sunflower Occupation documentary screening & discussion on the anniversary of the student movement;
3. Princeton outreach with Overseas Taiwanese for Democracy every two months;

4. UN4TW rally;
5. Minnewaska state park autumn maple leaf viewing;
6. Su Beng, the Revolutionist documentary screening and overseas video call

44 2016 Mark Kao 1. Princeton outreach with Overseas Taiwanese for Democracy every two months;

2. Panay film screening;
3. Restoration of Taiwan Social Justice Speech;
4. Island Beach State Park clamming & crabbing;

5. Annual BBQ;
6. New Power Party (NPP) Delegation visit NJ;
6. UN4TW;
7. Seven Lake and Bear Mountain Hiking;
8.《52Hz, I love you》movie US Premier;
9. Lin Yu-tsang speech: “From Open Information to Open Government – Taiwan’s Efforts”

45 2017 Mark Kao 1. Princeton outreach with Overseas Taiwanese for Democracy every two months;
2. DC Cherry blossom excursion and Twin Oak visit;
3. Lin Tsu-I: “Watchout, Co.’s Contributions to Taiwanese Democratization and How Taiwanese Americans Can Participate” (cosponsored with CWCMF);

4. Wu Chun-yen & Lily: “Normalization of the Nation and Youth Organizations;
5. Island Beach State Park Excursion;
6. Wang Dan: “If I were Lee Ming-che” (cosponsored with Rutgers TSA);
7. Lin I-ying: “After the Sunflower Blooms: Reasons to Walk Down this Political Path”

46 2018 Anderson Sun



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