1218. Journey of a Thousand Miles / Ruey Yu /10/2017/Autobiography/自傳

Journey of a Thousand Miles

An Extraordinary Life

By Dr. Ruey Yu, with Kate Jaimet


my career in medical and biological science research has been divided into two distinct phases: the before-Ruey Yu period and the Ruey Yu period. Throughout both, I sought to associate with and work with those who would be my teachers in areas of science where I was less knowledgeable. Since 1968, Ruey has been the scientist/teacher for me.

He has a dogged determination to continually expand the scope of his own knowledge and capabilities, to become expert in new fields through relentless, intensive study. Examples are many.

After Temple University failed to obtain a patent for our initial discovery of compounds to promote skin pigmentation—i.e., esterified derivatives of dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA) – he took it upon himself to write a new patent application that resulted in the granting to us of a valid patent from the U.S. Patent Office. Thereafter, all our patent applications were first drafted by Ruey before being sent to a patent attorney.

Later, when the dermatology department where we were conducting our joint research was abolished, our only alternative was to try to launch a business whose revenues could help us to continue our research. After our efforts to explore collaborations with joint-venture entities floundered, Ruey took it upon himself to become knowledgeable in business operation, while continuing to pursue new frontiers in bioscience.

How this singularly talented man came to be, physically and intellectually, is a challenge to scientific comprehension. Although he grew up severely deprived of nutrients, his brain developed a spectacular intellectual capacity. Perhaps the horrific conditions of his early life are what propelled his lifelong commitment to finding preventatives, cures, and solutions for humankinds illnesses, imperfections, and needs. Whatever the factors involved, Ruey is an extraordinary human being. To have had decades to collaborate so closely with such a complex, talented man has been a reward I continue to cherish.

Actualities achieved from our working together are essentially two. Primary are the discoveries of quite a few biochemical determinants of dermatologic form and function; we were still finding new ones as of the time of this writing in early 2016. The second is establishing a prestigious company that provides products for preventive and therapeutic dermatologic care, as well as for healthy skin appearance. The company has distinguished itself by scientifically testing products against comparator products or formulations, and by publishing or otherwise publicizing the results for open scrutiny. The company^ management team over recent years has enthusiastically shared Ruey’s and my goals.

Ruey has repeatedly said to me along the way, “We do not need to have good luck. We do need to have the absence of bad luck.” Luckily, events along the way have turned out in our favour.


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