TACWC 2015



這個會能夠呈現在同鄕的面前,要感謝另外的一個總召Vera Yang小姐,王泰和先生、洪珠美小姐、美洲西部的個個台灣同郷會、以及無數在幕後幫忙的義工,大家同心協力,才能促成今年美西夏令會的召開。


San Pedro市是一個海港城市,有漂亮的碼頭,又緊臨Long Beach,大會結束後,若你有閒情雅緻,又有時間, 好好享受附近旅遊景點,我們大會工作同仁,希望你會有收獲的二天,更有一個美好暑假。





It is an honor to be the coordinator of Taiwanese American Conference / West Coast 2015. Being the 1.5 generation Taiwanese American, I love America and Taiwan equally. Although I left Taiwan when I was 16 years old, I have never stopped caring about Taiwan because she is my motherland. I was heavily in flue need by my parents because they were fearless advocates in the social/democratic movement amongst many brave Taiwanese 30 years ago. Each time my parents went out to protest against KMT, I feared for their safety. Years have passed but the memory is still fresh.

Many efforts were put into desig ning of the cover of this program book. I wanted to express the idea of “Rebuilding Taiwan”. Why does Taiwan need to be rebuilt? Having gone through decades of fight for democracy, and occurrence of several major events including 美麗島事件,黨外抗爭,鄭南榕自焚,野百合學運, many thought that Taiwan had already reached democracy.

Yet since Ma administration began in 2008, we saw police brutally reoccurring during 陳雲林’s visit in Taiwan. Last year, we saw the Sunflower Student Movement, how dare this administration exercised such violenee on defenseless students? When you see the pictures on the program book’s cover page, the answer is there. Taiwanese were and still are fighting for the democracy, so yes, Taiwan needs to be rebuilt. And we must begin this process together!

I am con fident that all of our speakers will provide a lot of knowledge and in formati on duri ng the two-day conferenee. Let us do our best to help our motherland – Taiwan.


Vera Yang

Coordinator of TACWC 2015