Music Without Borders
Tyzen Hsiao’s musical training began in Taiwan, his motherland. He learned piano and composition at an early age and continued to grow during his time as a music major at National Taiwan Normal University. But his knowledge and talent would blossom further when he left his homeland to study in Japan and later when he immigrated to America. These international perspectives influenced his musical style, and paired with his profound fondness for Taiwanese folk music, would lead maestro Hsiao to create unique, beautiful musical compositions that captured the hearts and voices of the Taiwanese people.

He started composing in earnest while he lived in America. Despite being a world away, his music captured the indefatigable spirit of the Taiwanese people. But moreover, it encouraged and inspired the Taiwanese people to hold true to their roots; to transcended the political struggles and strife that marked Taiwan’s turbulent political landscape during maestro Hsiao’s lifetime. Inspired by his homeland of Taiwan, his music became — in turn — an inspiration to its people. To this day, his music continues to be performed throughout the world, in front of intimate church congregations and in the grandest of symphony halls. And in each of these performances, his compositions serve to spark the creativity for countless artists and individuals around the world. His memory is honored and his legacy is carried forward — unbounded — through their new works of poetry, prose, dance, visual arts, architecture, and, of course, music.

Tyzen Hsiao Music Works