171. Violence towards Asian Americans is ‘hitting differently’ amid the pandemic, says former NBA star Jeremy Lin

Violence towards Asian Americans is ‘hitting differently’ amid the pandemic, says former NBA star Jeremy Lin

(CNN)Former NBA star Jeremy Lin says violence towards Asian Americans is “hitting differently” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Lin was

Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper

following the killing of eight people at three Atlanta-area spas earlier this week, six of whom were Asian.

Lin, who spent nine years in the NBA and currently plays for the Santa Cruz Warriors in the G League, has recently spoken out about how the pandemic has exacerbated anti-Asian violence, notably after saying he was called “coronavirus” during a basketball game.
“Growing up it was always something that might be a little more subtle or verbal, but I think what we’re seeing right now is a lot of physical, actual violence, lives being taken,” Lin said.
“A lot of Asian Americans who are looking over their shoulders when they go outside, when they go to the grocery store, and we’re starting to slowly see more and more reporting of what is going on.
“But this is something that is definitely hitting different.”
Lin, who became the first Asian American to win an NBA title in 2019 while with the Toronto Raptors, says he was targeted multiple times with racist slurs during his college basketball career and that Covid-19 has intensified a pre-existing problem.
“We’re seeing all these micro-aggressions through history,” Lin said.
“Asians have always been projected as being others or outsiders and you can hear and see these micro-aggressions, like: ‘Where are you really from?’ or talking about the way that we look or our complexion or things like that.”
Lin also pointed to how he thinks certain rhetoric around the virus has contributed to anti-Asian discrimination. Former US President Donald Trump, for example, received criticism for referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” during his presidency.
“There are so many micro-aggressions that contribute to that and again, calling it the China virus, Kung Flu virus, that is adding to it and fueling the fire,” he said.
“Now we’re starting to see a lot of those micro-aggressions turn into actual acts of violence. It is really hard to watch. I encourage people to watch these videos to see this is actually happening. These are real stories, real lives.”

Source from CNN.com

Posted on 03/22/2021